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The Writer Sees Red

Reflections on the Indian novel.

The Foopath Gourmet

It's chaat time!

Yeh Hai Asha!

Asha Bhosle, pushing 70, still oozes sweetness and sensuality.

Dancing With The Bears

The Arctic chill has turned hot for Subhankar Banerjee.

Zubin Mehta: The Maestro From Mumbai

It was called Bombay when he left, but the city is still a piece of his heart...

O, Sister!

Shilpa Shetty may not be the most well-known Bollywood actress, but she is surely now the world's best known reality TV star.

To Be Mrs. B

So what do you think about the Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan engagement?

Author Speak

Interview with Shoba Narayan, author of Monsoon Diary.

Howard's Fanny

Howard Stern has been poking fun at Indians. He is just not too good at it.

Chadvin ka Chand

The legendary Waheeda Rehman is still lajawab.

Lights, Camera, Action

Indian Candians are making a beeline for Bollywood.

But Can You Eat Art

The economics of Indian art galleries.

Dazzling Success

Indians have displaced Jews for the diamond crown of the world.

The Beat goes On

Zakir Hussain is not jaded by his success.

Bollywood Flakes

Regretably DVDs don't wear out.

Hollywood's Bollywood Connection

Internationally acclaimed Indian filmmakers are indebted to Bollywood.

Bollywood Graduates

Bollywood is getting some well-earned respect, finally.

Bright Side Of Desire

John Abraham is forever looking at the bright side of human nature.

Bipasha's Big Feet

Bipasha Basu loosens up ... on her feet.

Retouch Of Curry

Indian immigrants rediscover the lost language of food.


Dev Anand is not letting up at 80.

Ring Side View

Review of Island of Blood.

Hot Stuff

Review of Monsoon Diary.

Dev Anand Unplugged

Part II of Dev Anand's interview on his 80th birthday anniversary.

Time To Walk

It's time for the over-hyped Sachin Tendulkar to retire.

Everyone's A star

Just about everyone is jumping into the movie business these days. The monsoons may be hitting Mumbai, but in America it's raining desi filmmakers, producers, directors and actors!

Made In India

The vast majority of manhole covers in New York City are from India.

Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

Petite and pretty Amisha Patel is as unfilmi as they come. The grand daughter of famous lawyer Rajni Patel, Amisha aced her way through academics

New Kid On The Block

Indians on a treadmill? You gotta be kidding!

Grown-up Badmash

The smart asses behind the weekly desi cartoon strip.

Passage to Oak Tree Road

Review of Suburban Sahibs


Interview with S Mitra Kalita.

Jalandhar in Jakarta

Indonesia leaves most Indians unscathed. Nobody wants to be an Indonesian, not even the Sindhis.  The music slams into my chest as soon as I

His Magic Touch

Shujaat Khan on on his music, his turbulent relationship with his father, and that which is greater than music.  He can trace his lineage all

Beyond Skin

The whole world is Nitin Sawhney's palette.

Review of Pomegranate Dreams

Pomegranate Dreams and Other Stories By Vijay Lakshmi Soft cover, 230 pages Indialog Publications

Tower Of Babel

One in 5 Americans speaks a language other than English at home. Three Indian languages rank among the top 20 foreign languages.   America is surely

Interview with Vijay Lakshmi

Tell us what the main difficulties in straddling two cultures are. Do you find this to be inherently harder for men or for women? Straddling even

Emotionally Branding Films and Cricket

Everything I know about emotional branding, I learnt from cricket.

Clarity of Voice and Vision

Interview with David Iglehart.

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