Angry Brides Thrash Dowry-Seekers Online

While women in India have come a long way, there still exist some age old taboos which hinder their status in society. Angry Brides is a fun game which reminds us that together we can stand-up against this inhuman practice.

Indian Undocumented Alien population Doubles

The latest report estimates the current undocumented Indian population at 280,000, the seventh largest such group in the country.

Leave the Gita As It Is

The attempt to classify the Gita as extremist and ban its distribution in Siberia had triggered an uproar among Hindus worldwide.

Indians in Paris

The number of Indian tourists visiting Paris has breached 300,000, up almost 200 percent in the last decade.

World's Shortest

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, 72, has been recognized with the title by the Guinness World Records.

Unparliamentary Conduct

Television news footage caught Karnataka Ministers in the state assembly watching the pornographic clip on a phone.

India’s Most Expensive Apartment

The apartment price bested the previous high of $2,000 per sq ft paid in 2010.

Asians Most Discriminated Group in New Zealand

There are an estimated 354,000 Asians in New Zealand, of which 107,000 are Indian.

Indians Told To Avoid Keeping Jewelry at Home

Thames Valley Police, one of the largest police departments in the UK, is advising Indian families to avoid keeping high value jewelry at home after a spate of robberies targeting the community in the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Doc is in the Clear

Overseas Indian physicians may soon be allowed to practice and teach at medical schools in India. The union cabinet has endorsed a proposal from the National

Exorcising Yoga

Looks like the aging padre is mixing up his exercising with his exorcisings.

2011 Bizzaros

Ziona Chana, a 66-year-old Indian with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren, has topped Ripley’s Believe It or Not’s 11 strangest stories for 2011.

Standing Tall

She aims to become a Bollywood actress.

Floating Entrepreneurs

Critics ridicule the project as a cheap publicity stunt.

Indians Fuel America’s Growth

Nearly half of America’s top 50 venture-funded companies have immigrant founders, and Indians top the list.

Green Card Holds on Hold

Sen. Chuck Grassley placed a hold on the bill

10 Indian Stars

Ten Indians made the cut in Forbes list of “tomorrow’s brightest stars.”

Britain’s Best Primary School

A primary school with predominantly Indian and Asian children has been rated as Britain’s best performing primary school.

Harvard Boots Swamy For ‘Hate Speech’

Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts & Science has voted to drop courses taught by controversial Indian politician Subramanian Swamy because of his controversial column in an Indian newspaper attacking Muslims.

Bangalore Rated Best Indian City

A global survey ranks Bangalore as the best city to live in India.

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