Achal Mehra

Two Faced Struggle

Far too many are judgmental or prescriptive in their notions of what an authentic Indian American identity is, or ought to be.

Twilight Of Empire

The coming decade will mark the inflexion point and how the U.S. navigates the transition ought to be its central focus

Science Of Multiculturalism

The world's largest ever gene mapping exercise has found that the "genetic landscape of the Indian population captures the genetic diversity of the world."The Indian

The Indian American Bundlers

Hillary Clinton has bagged almost half the Indian American bundlers this primary season.

A Very Good Year

I’m in the autumn of the year ... It was a mess of good years.

Parsing The Sacred

An award-winning book on Ganesa by an Emory University professor has factual inaccuracies in its claims on the Puranas, the ancient Hindu texts.

Turn of the Turds

Scholars have a professional obligation to engage dissenters, just as their critics are obligated to unequivocally deplore threats against those with whom they disagree.

Have No Faith

A new book on Mother Teresa, the global icon of faith and service to God, reveals that she was privately tormented for decades, perhaps until


 Imagine. You are giving up your overseas residence and pass along your cell phone’s SIM card with some unused minutes to a friend, possibly a

Dual Citizenship Striptease

Even green card holders in the US enjoy more rights and privileges than holders of Overseas Indian Citizen cards do in India.

Immigration Deform

Since 2000, India has been the second largest source of immigrants to the United States, after only Mexico. You would not know that from the

A Glance Away

Within hours of the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech University, long before Cho Seung-Hui's identity became known, word was out on the street, blogs and

No Anand Jon

Anand Jon, the self-promoting fashion designer to the stars, has been charged with 20 counts of sexual assaults over a three-year period on seven women.

Ungentlemanly Conduct

The pain, disappointment and anger that fans in the sub-continent feel in the aftermath of the disastrous performance of their teams is understandable. The violent reaction is not.

Not Making History

The baton is preparing to pass to a new generation of Indian Americans born in the USA.

Kashmir On The Brink

Splitting Kashmir along the current Line of Control is the only real option.

How Asian Are You?

The concept of an Asian American identity is entirely artificial.

Embarrassing Farce

Fix the Pravasi Bharatiya Samaans, or get rid of them.

Heading for the Bush

It's time Americans rise up to reclaim their freedoms and courage from the hands of a president whose instinctive reaction in a crisis was to race for the bush.

Liberal Liars

The lying president has finally fessed up.

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