Indie Films Step Up

Independent Indian films are winning laurels and audiences both in India and abroad.

New York Can Wait

Indians are canceling U.S. holiday plans amidst rising hate crime incidents.

Ghost of Demonetization Stalks Overseas Indians

Indians in the diaspora are left in the lurch by the Indian government .

Is Hijab Having Its Moment

Western fashion gives a nod to the Muslim headscarf at a time when rhetoric in the West is decidedly turning against the “other.”

Reaping The Trade Whirlwind

For the better part of the past century, the United States and the West have pontificated on the virtues of global trade.

Banglore For a White Guy

My way of judging a city's gentrification is by the number of different craft beers I can order at an average bar.

Polo Ball Makers of Deulpur

Ranjit Mal takes pride in calling himself the last man on earth who can shape polo balls from a bamboo strip.

The Deliverymen Behind India’s New Class of Shopaholics

Online merchants worldwide, competing to deliver packages in a day or less, are keen to close the so-called last mile.

Cooking My Way Back

Coming of age in the era of "The Simpsons" intensified my aversion to Indian food.

Forensic Science in Hindi Pulp Fiction Blockbusters

The death of the celebrated Indian crime novelist Ved Prakash Sharma at the age of 62 in February was greeted by an outpouring of emotion from fans and critics alike.

Viceroy’s House

Very watchable,but its account of Indian independence is limited.

Taboo: The East India Company And The True Horrors of Empire

The East India Company (EIC) was certainly both economically and politically powerful in early 19th-century Britain.

Don’t Date The Locals

Horrible advice For this American woman living in Delhi

Zeroing in on Zero

Indians are convinced they discovered the zero.Can they prove it?

Power to All

The dark secret behind India’s plan to bring power to all.

Back From Exile

Pakistan’s cricket push lures advertisers

Go Figure May 2017

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Deadline June 15, 2017 Enter Go Figure Contest The winner of the January Go Figure contest, is Anshu

ISpy May 2017

Send photo and win $30

The Indian Migrant’s Table

Pasta, basil and tacos are jostling for space in the Indian pantry with rajma, basmati rice and haldi.

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