Inside The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The most luring aspect of an elite Indian wedding is its claim to a global yet Indian sensibility, bringing together the “western” and the “Indian” into the wedding experience.

Target H1B Visas

Trump has described H-1Bs as a “cheap labor program” subject to “widespread, rampant” abuse.

Sales at Trump Tower Mumbai Have Chilled

Real estate and politics are often intertwined in India, and the Lodha family is well-placed at the intersection of the two endeavors.

Roar of The Lion

Lion is a well-made film starring Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman and David Wenham.

ISpy March 2017

Send photo and win $30

Go Figure February 2017

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Deadline March 15, 2017 Enter Go Figure Contest   The winner of the December mystery is Rashmi R Patro of

Asserting Identities

A more confident generation asserts its place in the American psyche.

What's in a Name

The 2015 annual report by the Social Security Administration ranked Arjun at 500, down 46 notches from 2014 and nine from 2012.

Culturally Conscientious

Indians are no longer accepting of half-baked and misinformed portrayals of their culture.

Yoga Nidra

Sleep your way to mental & physical fitness.

Exploring South Asian Feminist Art

Contemporary South Asian artists are picking up elements from ancient history to present radical and progressive ideas on feminism and sexuality.

Moksh Mantra The Story of Success

As our mind expands and we grow in our understanding of the world, we observe the artificial social structure that is based on material accomplishments.

Window to Himalaya

Sikkim, with its breathtaking views of Himalaya, is the least populated state in India, the second smallest in size after Goa, and the last to join the Indian Union in 1975.

A Botched Experiment

Clearly the government had neither planned nor thought through the full implications and impact of this massive economic experiment.

Ashes And Memories

With all the riches acquired at sea and bruises of the voyage, we return to the harbor that once was the home and the shelter that once was the family.

How Whatsapp is Giving Freedom to Housewives

A year ago, when 28-year-old Soma Chatterjee Maiti started using the mobile messaging app WhatsApp, she did not know that one day the platform

Walmart vs. Amazon: Is India The Next Battleground

Earlier this year, the world’s largest online retailer became the second-largest online marketplace in the country by shipments and gross merchandise value.

Skin-whitening Products

Tall, pale and handsome: why more Asian men are using skin-whitening products

The Ongoing Effect of Empire in Britain

Considerable attention has been directed to the plight of EU immigrants living in the UK following the Brexit vote.

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