Honeymoon in Vienna

The city’s relaxed and laidback attitude was the perfect getaway after many tiring weeks of preparations and celebrations that are associated with Indian weddings.

MPs Sachin Ducks Rekha Flops

The controversy over Sachin and Rekha has brought into relief the question, do we really need celebrity MPs?

Was Kishore the Greatest

The excitement that greeted Kishore Kumar’s 85th birth anniversary on Aug 4, with Radio, TV and print media freaking out, does suggest that the madcap musical genius is indeed special.

Where Are They Now?

It’s not as if their vocal chords had taken voluntary retirement or they had vanished without leaving a forwarding address.

Demystifying 12 NRI Myths

They are caught in the middle, confused souls, who often want to return, but can’t, or desire to linger on just a little longer.

ISpy September 2014

Sisters of The Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa at Mass in the chapel of the Mother House, Kolkata.

Go Figure September 2014

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Deadline October 15, 2014 Enter Go Figure Contest     Sorry folks, no one was able to correctly guess

So What Do Indians Do at the Gym, Really?

There are some folks who try their best to train in the area where a hot girl is working out. Some are brave enough to surpass their heroism and try to ask her number to try to get a date.

Kabaddi Goes Glam

“Kabaddi? You mean that ganwar game played in small towns, where young, strapping hulks take off their (eeeek) shirt and end up (yuk) rolling in the mud.

To Be or Not To Be English

English is a foreign language and I believe it can never be a language for social inclusion.

India Bulids Towards Reforms

The budget has done “a reasonable job” and provided “a good starting point for bolder steps” that may follow. “Critics, some of whom are quite vocal, need to take a step back and view matters with the appropriate perspective

Go Figure August 2014

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Deadline September 15, 2014     Enter Go Figure Contest   The winner of the February mystery is Rashmi Patel

MoneyGram Launches Money Transfer Service to All Bank Accounts in India

MoneyGram Launches Money Transfer Service to All Bank Accounts in India   MoneyGram customers can now send bank deposits to India in as little as three Hours   DALLAS, Texas (Dec.

The New Black

Today there are dozens of neighborhoods throughout the city that one cannot stroll through without stumbling across pick-up games and organized matches alike.

End of the Line for India’s Ambassdor

Impervious to history or nostalgia, waits for no one and marches relentlessly on.

Rebooting Infosys

It is unlikely that a non-founder CEO would have agreed to join if Mur thy had continued for an indefinite period,”

Comcast Offers Up To Six Months Of Complimentary Internet Service And An Amnesty Program For Low-Income Families

ATLANTA (August 19, 2014) — Comcast announced it will include up to six months of complimentary service for any new family that has not yet

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