April 2006

Life As Stand Up Comedy

"I am an expert on layoffs. Just like Fire drills, every company should have Fired Drills. The alarm goes off, you pack up your crap


India now has the largest English-speaking population in the world, surpassing the United States. David Crystal, professor of linguistics and the author of The Stories

Off-Broadway Enlightenment 101

Is it possible to achieve nirvana or enlightenment in neon-lit Times Square and that too in two hours flat? Well, yes, if you watch the

Migrating is Hazardous for Your Heart

Indians beware: migrating overseas could be hazardous to your health. Researchers at the University of Manchester's Medical School have found Gujarati migrants in Sandwell, UK,

Twinkle Twinkle Little India

An analysis of the Earth's nighttime illumination shows that the United States and India are brightening while Moldova and Ukraine are growing darker. The illumination

Manage Thi$

Officials at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore have been gloating at the record compensation package of its latest graduates Gaurav Agarwal and Venkatesh

The Storytellers Of Boston

It's strange how very different lives get entwined and bring forth new creations. For many years, Monika Jain, who worked as a reporter for the

Chocolate Ganesha, Anyone?

If chocolate is sinful then you need to turn to the Gods for some forgiveness! Now in a timesaving shortcut strategy, the gods themselves are

Have You Tried This?

No More Saibhaji

Smelling a Rat

Neuroscientist at Bangalore's National Center for Biological Sciences are smelling a rat. Rats, their research shows, smell in "stereo," wherein their two nostrils operate

Sun Sets on British Raj

One of the last surviving icons of the British Raj, a giant tortoise that once belonged to the Colonial General Robert Clive, the first British

Tower Of Babble

English is the predominant language spoken by Asian Indian immigrants. However Hindi is the 16th most popular language in America. Two other South Asian languages,

The Trouble With Meteors

This seems to be India's moment in the sun.

Masti In Motion

They might be dismissed as American-Born Confused Desis, but by watching these confident women gliding between western and Indian dance styles and sensibilities one recognizes that they are anything but.

What Is "Indian" Supposed To Mean

If it is not defined by the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or where you live, as suggested by political correctness and some

Rao Remala Microsoft's First Indian Hire

Rao Remala, the first Indian hire at Microsoft, is a man used to hard work and in the last two years world travel. Born in

The Microsoft Millionaires

All they want is a laptop and some coffee; food is optional.

No Roof No Roots No Rights

The search for a roof over one's head can become a journey into a waking nightmare

Roop Inka Mastana

Shaan is on a roll

Letters To Editor - April 2006

The article "Non Respected Indians" by Shekhar Deshpande is brilliant. As a naturalized American of Indian origin who has never hid my current nationality or

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