April 2008

Sixth Most Popular Country

India is the sixth most popular country in America, according to a Gallup poll of 22 countries.  69 percent of Americans have a positive image

Trillion Dollar Economy

India’s gross domestic product (GDP) for 2007-08 is projected to touch $1.16 trillion (Rs 47,00,000 crores). India’s per capita income crossed the $1,000 mark for

Indian MNCs Create 65,000 U.S. Jobs

Indian multinationals in the United States have generated 65,000 jobs, according to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). An Ernst & Young

Indian Companies Top H1 Visa Approvals

Indian companies account for nearly 80% of visa petitions approved in 2007 among the top 10 participants in the program. Infosys topped the list with 4,559

Indian Economy to Match U.S. in 2050

India’s economy will grow to 90 per cent of the U.S. by 2050 and China will become the world’s current largest economy by 2025, according

Tax Free Indian Zones In Zambia

Zambia is proposing the creation of a tax free economic zones for Indian companies to invest in its mining industry. "We have had a long

Worst Fiscal For Sensex In Five Years?

The benchmark Bombay Stock Exchange index, the Sensex, is heading for its worst fiscal performance in five years. The index, which traded below 15,000 points

Record Salary

A graduate of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, bagged the top salary of Rs 1.4 crores ($350,000) in this year’s graduating class. Last year,

Irish Giant Enters India

Irish building materials giant Cement Roadstone Holdings has bought a 50 percent stake for $450 million in a rapidly growing cement manufacturer, My Home Industries

Heart Burn

An Indian American man has been awarded $40 million, one of the largest personal injury verdicts in Washington state, after a malfunctioning machine burnt his

Mining Tourism

Jharkhand is launching mining tourism to lure tourists to the state. The state has a strong coal, iron, copper and minerals extraction industry and plans

Moving Into A League Of Its Own

Corporate cricket in India has never been of a particularly high standard. At the bottom end of the leagues, companies form makeshift teams from their

Opening A Big Box

Organized retail confronts the challenges of local markets

Letters April 2008

The article "What's in a Name?" by Sagar Bapat ( March 2008) extols the virtues of Barack Obama for keeping his name while discounting the

Chuck de Yadain!

Call it professional sports, but it is organized gambling and slave trading

Fading Luster

From the Bowery to the Taj, falling dollar loses its clout as king of currencies

Auto Class Struggle

Car accidents are a metaphor for our life in society.

Extra! Extra! Wanted a Bollywood Extra!

Now you too can star in a blockbuster movie

Train In India

If you allow yourself to submit to India, it stimulates you into experiencing a whole new eco-system of cultures, values and ways.

Luxury Retirement Homes

India’s seniors finding themselves in the uncharted territory

I’m Here, Mom

I understand the game we’re playing. It’s how we keep from talking about the present, trading stories about when I was 10 years old and she was still whole.

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

When I see the way Naina looks at me i am reminded of the way i still look at my mother.

Wanna Be A Blogging Star?

Indians carve out a space in the new media frontier.

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