April 2010

Culinary Nostalgia

The powerful place food occupies in our cultural imagination.

Playing For India

The tug-of-war between the country’s bureaucracy and its judiciary over the rights of overseas Indians to represent India in international tournaments.

Khav v Khan!

Decoding the qualities that have made the Khans the hottest properties in tinsel town.

Dark Energy

We know almost nothing about 95 percent of our universe.

The State Of Indian IT

Stabilized but cautious.

Say My Name

Part of me felt like a traitor. I felt like I was abandoning my Indian heritage. Like I was telling the world I was white. Or at least Latin.

Bipartisan Combat

It is time the Democrats abandoned the hand-to-hand combat of bipartisanship with the Republicans.

India Loses Husain

India’s best known artist Maqbool Fida Husain — who went into self-imposed exile four years ago following death threats by Hindu fundamentalists incensed by his controversial paintings

Obama’s Lucky Guru

So who is the Hindu guru on a lucky charm Pres Barack Obama was holding during a phone conversation with a member of Congress in the

Inside Snatch?

Two Indian diamond merchants have been charged with a $7 million insurance fraud for staging a diamond heist a year earlier, which media reports at the time

Poo Without A Loo

Nearly half of India’s population defecates in the open, among the highest proportions in the world. Nearly 638 million Indians — half the world’s 1.1 billion people

Disputed Isle Disappears

Global warming may have resolved a 30-year conflict between India and Bangladesh over an uninhabited island in the Bay of Bengal. The rising sea has swallowed up

Indian Gigolo

Philadelphia police have charged an Indian romeo with stealing $40,000 from women he romanced online.  Police say Jay D. Singh, 32, stole the identities and credit cards

Sexy Texts Bring Jail

An Indian flight attendant and her cabin services supervisor have been jailed for three months for exchanging sexy text messages in Dubai. The pair was convicted for

Co-habitation Legal

Noting that Radha and Krishna were unmarried co-habiting lovers, the Indian Supreme Court expressed the view that there are no legal impediments to unmarried couples living together.

India’s Na’vi

An Indian tribe is taking a cue from James Cameron’s Avatar to seek international support for its campaign to block a mining company from drilling on

Lead In The Kitchen Pantry

A new study of spices and ceremonial powders sold in Indian stores in Boston has found that almost a quarter of all spices are contaminated with lead.

19th-Century Industrial Spy

The plot seems tailor-made for a Hollywood thriller: An industrial spy hired by the world’s largest multinational corporation steals trade secrets that enable the world’s biggest superpower

Turban High

The first turbaned U.S. Army officer in a generation.

TB Among Indian Americans

Indians have the third highest incidence of tuberculosis in the United States among foreign-born groups.

Chili Grenade

The chili clocks 1,000,000 Scoville units, the scientific measure of hotness, almost 400 times that of Tabasco or jalapenos.

Start Up Visa

Immigrant entrepreneurs who are able to line up $250,000 in investment will become eligible for a new two year visa under a bill proposed by Senate Foreign

Gender Gap

India has the fewest women employees among 20 countries surveyed in the World Economic Forum Corporate Gender Gap 2010. The United States (52%), Spain (48%),

Renault Nissan

Renault and Nissan have established a joint car factory in Chennai that is expected to manufacture 400,000 vehicles a year by 2015. Production of Nissan’s new sub-compact

Second Best Stock Returns

With a 200% return over the past six years, Indian stocks had the second highest return for investors in Asia. At the end of 2009, the Sensex

India Hikes Rates

The country’s Wholesale Price Index rose 9.9 percent in February and may top 10 percent in March

IMG Targets Indian Sports

IMG is also behind the Indian Premier League.

49 Indian Billionaires

The number of Indian billionaires doubled from last year

Indian Investment In US

India and the United Arab Emirates are the fastest growing investors in the United States. According to Under Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agricultural

Domino’s Pizza

India is its fastest growing market.


Facebook has 8 million users in India.

Indian Billionaire Seeks To Buy Out Astro

Maybank Investment Research said in a report the offer price was above fair value and attractive

Call for Dinner

A culinary tour of your mother's kitchen.

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