August 2006

Shashi Tharoor: The Next UN Secretary General?

Many years ago when Shashi Tharoor was asked about his passion for writing, he quoted George Bernard Shaw: "I write for the same reason that

The Vanishing Circle

We may be monetarily richer, but are we poorer in friends?

Outsized Dreams

These Indian Americans have larger than life ambitions.

A Musical Life

Rajeev Taranath on music and extraordinary musicians.

Letters August 2006

I really enjoyed the article "Out of Context" by Gaiutra Bahadur. As a Guyanese born American, I can relate well to Bahadur's experience. I would

Say A Prayer For Parvati

I do not know Parvati, but she died today. Nobody told me that she did; no one really was told. But I know. Maybe it

Ghost Busters!

Malevolent ghosts stealing your chickens and torturing you in the night? Who you gonna call?   For farmer Sunil Das, his first call was the police,

Knowledge Is Skin Deep

We all know how sensitive human fingertips are - be it feeling a baby's face or handling a hot pan. Now two chemical engineers have

A Meaty Inheritance

Trying to give up red meat and just can't? Or do you have a hankering for seafood that leads you automatically to the oyster bar?

Sarina Jain's Kid Stuff

When Sarina Jain, the Masala Bhangra fitness expert, put out a casting call for kids for a bhangra workout video, 145 children turned up. This

All's Fair In Love And Sats!

If your parents have a lot of moolah, you can get all the SAT help that you need but if you're not too rich, you're

Sacha And The History Boys

The History Boys, the Broadway show that won the most Tony Awards this season and actually tied the record for most wins for a play

Mumbai: Rudest Or Most Caring

The overly genteel Reader's Digest was rude enough to label Mumbai the rudest city in the world - and Asia the rudest continent. But surely

Fashion Wrap, Coast To Coast

There was a time when Indian American brides had to journey to India to get the haute couture fashions of top designers, but now the

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