August 2007

Self-Reported Crime

In an unusual twist, an Indian doctor has filed a police complaint for negligence against himself after a patient in his care died from post-operative


Shambo, a 6-year-old bull in Carmarthenshire, Wales, who became an international celebrity after Hindu groups launched a public campaign to save his life after he

No Orangutans Allowed

In an extraordinary instance of prior restraint, a circuit court has barred a website ( from publishing "slanderous or libelous statements" against Shawano, Wisc., Mayor

Foreign Travel, Wife Permitting

Indian men would need the permission of their wives to travel abroad under a proposal being considered by the National Commission for Women.  The Hindustan Times

Om Senate, Senate, Senate!

Rajan Zed became the first Hindu priest ever to deliver the opening prayer in the U.S. Senate on July 12. During the 90 second invocation,


India is considering banning Indian housemaids from countries that hrefuse to sign a labor welfare pact to prevent their exploitation.    A proposal from the Ministry


An online game, titled "ICED: I Can End Deportation," a play on the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the government agency responsible for

Reverse Reverse Discrimination

Parents of an 11-year-old Indian American denied admission to a New York public school for gifted children are protesting the school district's racial quota rules

India's Right to Information Comes to the US

Indians in America now have access to government information under the 2005 Right to Information Act. Acting on a petition from overseas Indians, Chief Information

The Priciest Lunch In The World

An Indian American investment fund manager successfully bid $650,000 in eBay for a three-hour lunch date with billionaire-philanthropist Warren Buffett.  Mohnish Pabrai, an investment fund manager

Sicko Doctor

Medical Correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta and filmmaker Michael Moore duked it out on CNN's Larry King Live after Moore accused Gupta of doing a hatchet

Flower Power

Thousands of flower bouquets sent to Emilio Gonzales, director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) by protesting green card applicants seem to


I do not think considering Sunita Williams as one of us has anything to do with our self- esteem. Rather it has to do with


 Imagine. You are giving up your overseas residence and pass along your cell phone’s SIM card with some unused minutes to a friend, possibly a

Immigrant Entrepreneurs Overdrive

Do highly educated immigrant entrepreneurs help the U.S. maintain its edge?

Homosexuality And The Indian

India has a tradition of benign neglect of alternate sexualities.

Sonu Niigaam: You Can Be Good at Everything

Today he is a global icon, and yet behind the warmth, mischief and prodigious talent, you find a man who is a pretty straight shooter.

Exporting Hindi

This Made in India product is finding its way into many countries.

Invading The Sacred

Questioning the accuracy and objectivity of research on Hinduism at U.S. universities.

Damn Those Who Damn Cricket

Why fault a beautiful game because Indians are less equipped to excel at other sporting pursuits?

Om To the Leadership

Indian business executives who integrate spirituality into their leadership practices.

Indian Independence And The African American Struggle

Indian expatriates in America shared a common cause with African American leaders before Independence.

The White Complex

What's behind the Indian prejudice for fair skin?

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