August 2008

The Obama Problem Of The 21st Century

The press conference of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus was instructive of some of the inherent problems in Barack Obama’s candidacy for White House. As

Reality Isn’t What it is Cracked up to be!

The first day on the (Democratic) Convention floor simply revealed what cynics amongst us have already known: that nothing you see on television, read in

Hillary Has Still Not Released Delegates

Even as Hillary Clinton takes to the Convention floor this evening, she has still not released her pledeged delegates to support Barack Obama.Several Indian American

Conventions: Spectacles of Power

 Political conventions by definition are spectacles. Most of us do not attend them but they are right there, in the media, on film and deep

In Defense of Joe Biden

 COMMENTARYAmidst all the hype, have we missed the "real" story? The Indian American Community is diverse. What’s wrong with that?The recent comments by Senator Joe

Lo, It's Joe!

Okay. Those of you who work at Seven Eleven or Dunkin Donuts and those who go there,  now have a spokesperson on Obama’s team.It is

Wanted: Some Humor and Sarcasm

 Apparently, McCain does not remember how many houses he has. Perhaps he does not walk around with his copy of the pre-nuptial he signed with

Our "Evil" and Theirs

Rick Warren, who presides over a “mega” church in California, hosted a forum for the candidates on issues of faith. Much has been made about

Parsing the Words in Party Platforms

By their very nature, the platforms of political parties are boring documents. It is as if all the budding bureaucrats, now enthusiastic campaign workers and

Obama & McCain: The Power Of Superstitions

Both candidates for the Presidency of the United States are reportedly superstitious. John McCain calls himself a superstitious sailor. He does not put his hat

Beyond The Glitz

To an outsider, or to a rational student of media and democracy, this is a land of wonders. The world is burning. The United States

As the World Burns: Let's Return to the Glitz

To an outsider, or to a rational student of media and democracy, this is a land of wonders. The world is burning. The United States

Obama: "Not only do I think I'm a desi, but I'm a desi."

At a San Fransisco Fundraiser on Aug 17, Barack Obama endeared himself to his Indian and Pakistani American contributors by playfully identifying himself as a

Don't Worry About the Stench in Victory

This is a "historic" convention. That may be true for all the reasons we know so far. A historic candidacy, an energized grass roots of

Is It Going to Rain on Biden?

The Convention Clock is ticking for the Democrats. Everyone is joining in with the best they can bring. One evangelical (Stuart Shepard of CitizenLink) is

Indian BPO's Generate US Jobs

Indian corporations have generated 30,000 U.S. jobs.

Howzaat! Sachin's Out!

Pepsi is severing its decade-old marketing relationship with India's celebrated cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar.

US Tops In India Tourism

The US has displaced the UK as the country with the largest number of tourists visiting India.

India's Highest paid CEOs

Mukesh Ambani is India's highest paid CEO with an annual paycheck of $10 million.  Mukesh Ambani  Reliance  $10 million  P R Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha  Madras Cement  $6.2 million  Kalanidhi Maran  Sun TV  $5.7 million  Kavery Kalanidhi  Sun

Eight New IITs

India is plans to establish eight new Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) at a cost of $1.5 billion. The new IITs will be set up

Audit Unnerves Green Card Applicants

The Labor Department is investigating the nation's largest immigration law firm for potentially improperly advising U.S. corporations on disqualifying American job applicants in the process

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