August 2011

My Summer at an Indian Call Center

Lessons learned: Americans are hotheads, Australians are drunks — and never say where you’re calling from.

Buddhi Hogi Teri Maa

Bollywood is gripped by come-backs of the heroine kind.

Serving it Hot

Will food channels whet the appetites of Indian television viewers?

World’s Largest Laundromat

Photo essay on Mumbai's Dhobi Ghat.

Empires R Us

A steady stream of recent news and scholarly articles has been predicting the decline and fall of the American Empire.

Is the Universe Infinite?

The history — and knowledge — of the universe carved by humans, based on the information we received, is a small part of the big picture: a universe of our own creation, one that is plagued by dark forces and our ignorance.

Well-Educated Raju Hermon Feels Raped by the Internet

"I feel like I have been robbed of everything, including my identity.... I am not seeking fame or notoriety.... I just want my life back."

New Housing Starts Down 30%

The widening gap between demand and supply of apartments has put the brakes on the launch of new housing projects around the country-home project launches across top eight cities have dropped 31% since the September-December 2010 quarter, says realty research firm, PropEquity.

2011 Feels Like 1980 Again

Casting a glance back at how India appeared to the outside world just a few months ago is rather like looking at grainy footage of yesteryear: a booming economy, IT whiz-kids making waves all over the globe, top ranking in international Test cricket, the ICC Cricket World Cup in the bag, Bollywood on the roll.

A Carnival Called India

Wah India. Your myriad avatars, your million mutinies never cease to amaze. We try hard to hijack you. Some cry, "India is Indira". Others sing, "You are my Sonia". Still others chant, "Saffron Shining."

US Issues 500,000 Non-Immigrant Visas to Indian Annually

While 800,000 Americans travel to India each year, the US issues half a million non-immigration visas to Indians yearly.

Gandhi's Revenge

For India to join the developed world it needs much more than eight-lane highways and spanking new airport terminals. It needs to drag its politics into the 21st century, along with the rest of the country.

After Breakup with John, Bipasha Befriends Salman

The grapevine is abuzz with the news that Bipasha is keen to work with Salman again and might even appear in Salman's next film, Sher Khan.

Why Do India and Pakistan See America in Opposite Ways

"Give me a name, America, make of me a Buzz or Chip or Spike. Bathe me in amnesia and clothe me in your powerful unknowing."

Indian Economy to Triple by 2020

India will become a $5.6 trillion economy in the next decade, according to research firm Dun & Bradstreet,

No NRI KIds Arrested in London Riots

Several Indian-origin people were among those attacked during the riots in London and elsewhere, but so far none of the over 1,000 rioters arrested are of Asian origin.

Gold Rush in India Despite Record High Prices

Record high gold prices have not dented India`s demand for the precious metal.

A Whiter Shade of Brown

Nikki Haley would not be the first desi in America who wants to be seen as white.

Gurgaon: Corporate City

The once backwater village in Haryana is now littered with the campuses and offices of major multinational corporations of every stripe and industry.

Global Remittances

India topped global remittances again this year with $53.1 billion in inward remittances in 2010.

The NRI Dilemma

The Never Return is a unique breed of people. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they think they are the most fortunate people in this world. For them India is a third world country which is confined to those once-in-a-few-years visits for the sake of completing the formality of seeing their loved ones


In a sign that the British tongue is spicing up, jalfrezi has displaced tikka masala as the most popular curry in the U.K., according to a poll by the British Curry Club.

Emerging Global Retail Markets

India ranks as the fourth strongest emerging global retail market, according to A T Kearney, a global management consulting company.

Green Light

Retail behemoths Wal-Mart, Tesco and Carrefour are set to secure approval for setting up majority-owned stores in India.

Largest Indian Companies

Eight Indian companied, led by India Oil, have made Fortunes list of the world’s 500 largest companies

Stressed Out

Indian women are the world’s most stressed.

You Haven’t Got Mail!

Indian outsourcing companies may be providing technology solutions to the world’s largest companies, but Indian government officials, right up to the Indian prime minister’s office and the Indian Air Force, rely on free e-mail services from Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo to conduct official business, according to a Bloomberg report.

Go Figure August 2011

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Identify what this is and win $30 Last date September 15, 2011 Enter Go Figure Contest     Last month's

Uranium Doubles

The discovery of new uranium reserves in Andhra Pradesh will nearly double India’s uranium reserves, according to the chairman of India’s atomic energy commission.

Repenting Samosas

A New Jersey Indian restaurant can be sued for emotional distress as well as the costs of religious purification ceremonies in Haridwar, by 16 patrons to whom it accidentally served non vegetarian food.

Meaty Matters

Meat consumption is on the rise in India, with per capita consumption topping 5 to 5.5 kgs. a year, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO.


Signaling a bullish outlook, Infosys, India’s second largest IT company after Tata Consultancy Services, says it plans to hire 45,000 new employees this year.

August 2011

Thank you for the eye-open-ing article and supporting data on Indians in the United States (“Namaste America,” July 2011). I have not see the level

iSpy August 2011

Photo Contest Every month, we publish a selection of submitted photos in Little India and the photo judged best by the editors wins $30. Photos are

Indians Behaving Badly

It is time for some soul-searching within the community, before more Indians discover themselves attracting the relentless public humiliation that Kaur’s boorish and arrogant conduct has subjected her to.

Opulent Lies

Hedge Fund Manager Neil Godbole is fined by the SEC for defrauding investors

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