August 2013

Holi in Vienna

Vienna came alive with the colors of Holi.

Freed From Independence

India now has a higher proportion of the world’s poor and is home to fully a third of the world’s extremely poor.

Revolution on a Bullock Cart

A country that remained very poor and isolated from the international economy until the 1990s, suddenly became a global center for leading edge, information technology industries.

Easy Rests the Crown

A faceless extra until a few years ago, Nawaz today is a respected and renowned presence in Bollywood.

Entrepreneurs Redefining India’s Taxi Service

More than 98% of this industry is estimated to be unorganized with many players having as few as one, two or three cars.

Training India’s Informal Workers

“Imparting skills goes a long way in formalizing the labor economy. It leads to a change in the workers’ demographic profile and helps them settle into a long-term occupation, thus reducing frictional unemployment,”

Go Figure August 2013

  Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Deadline September 15, 2013 Enter Go Figure Contest     The winner of the June mystery is Raghunath Subramanian

I Spy August 2013

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