December 2005

Hollywood Lives For Another Day

Hollywood's plodding passage to India.

Indian Ink

South Asian journalists are bursting forth.

Searching East

Beyond the Chai tea latte crowd

Kartik Purnima Snan

A photo essay on Asia's largest cattle fair

Journeys: The Foul Smell Of Gentrification

Journeys are about changing landscapes and movement, but when the devotees of Mammon have their way, they are also about gentrification, of building overpriced towers

Have You Tried This?

Khanna-Sutra's Aphrodisiac Treats

Too Stiff To Be Married

Beware! If you don't look too lovey-dovey in your wedding pictures, the Canadian government may not allow you to immigrate to Canada! Immigration authorities are

Art: Mapping The Dislocation

She left the house in Aligarh where she was born when she was 21 in pre-partition India, and after that she saw it only in

Bollywood 101

Listen up, students: you can now immerse yourself in your favorite Bollywood movies, and when your parents ask you what you're up to, you can

Discoveries: Tuck Into That Curry

You never listened to your amma, but she was right about the myriad benefits of turmeric. Now the powers that be are saying it too.

Harry Porter's Desi Date

You can't get away from them - not even if you are Harry Potter! The latest film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has

TV: The Kumars Are Comig

Want to see what a "typical" Indian family living in North of London is like? Then tune in to the adventures of The Kumars at

Intimidated Or Merely Mesmerized

Arjun Rampal, asked about the experience of working with the Big Guy in Ek Ajnabee, said, "The only difference was that in Ankhen I was


But where's India?

Suphala's Tabla

She's learnt from the best - Ustad Alla Rakha and his son Zakir Hussain. Now tabla player and composer Suphala is bringing this ancient instrument

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