December 2007

Dollar's Fall Bruises Indian Exporters

The dollar has fallen 14 percent against the rupee

Carrefour On Walmart's Heels

Carrefour, the world's second largest retailer, is in talks to enter India's $330 billion retail market.

Expats Swell in India

The number of expatriates working in India has swelled to almost 30,000

Dubious Distinction

India will become the third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide by 2015

India-ASEAN free trade agreement

India is hoping to reach a free trade agreement with Southeast Asian nations in May 2008. Negotiations over the agreement have stalled over India's refusal

Turning Green

India plans to increase it renewable energy capacity eight-fold in 25 years.  The government hopes to generate 80,000 MW by 2032, accounting for 10 percent

India's AIDS count HALVED

The World Health Organization has halved its estimate of AIDS cases in India from 6 million to 3 million.  The organization scaled back its global

Unions Back Tatas in Jaguar Race

The Ford workers union Unite has thrown its support behind the Tata's bid to acquire the company. The company allayed apprehensions of the 16,000 British

India eyes Mars

India's first moon mission Chandrayaan-I is set for launch on April 9

Right Wing Indian Gets Boot

Rachel Paulose, the embattled U.S. attorney for Minnesota, who became one of the public faces of the justice department scandal under Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez,

Scaring Elephants With Chilies

World's hottest chili to ward off elephants from homes and crops in Assam's villages.

Indian Art Auction in France

Artcurial, one of France's leading auction houses, is conducting the country's first auction of modern and contemporary Indian art.

Serial Litigant

Deman's legal claims in employment courts have reportedly cost the government almost $2 million.

Immigration Applications Deluge

Millions of immigrants who applied for naturalization ahead of a fee increase will have to wait for months because the Citizenship and Immigration Services was

Big Ben in New Delhi

Big Ben tower, the world's largest chiming clock, is now ticking in New Delhi's Central Park in Connaught Place.

NRI Deserters

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) comes to the aid of Indian wives abandoned abroad.

No Dollars at the Taj

The dollar has been badly bruised

Estranged Husband Suspected of Immolating Children

A 34-year-old Indian immigrant suspected of dousing his two children with gasoline and setting them ablaze

Kiss My Chuddies

Prince Charles is toasting the induction of "chuddies

Who is a Hindu?

A genuine Hindu prays daily, volunteers at the temple, and abstains from meat and alcohol, according to guidelines established by U.K.'s first state-funded Hindu school.  The

Million Dollar Arm Hunt

A Florida sports management company is launching a nationwide contest to discover India's fastest pitcher in a bid to jumpstart the sport in the country.

Malay Indians Seek $4 Trillion in Reparations

A lawsuit on behalf of 2 million Indians in Malaysia is seeking $4 billion in reparations from Britain for bringing their ancestors to Malaya as

Grave Threat

Congress President Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra is exempted from security checks at Indian airports, but not the military chiefs of the Indian army, air

Hanuman: Action Hero

Hanuman and Rama are taking their place beside GI Joe and Transformers.   A Pennsylvania company, Kirdana, founded by an Indian American Mahender Swami Nathan, is

Are Indian Business Leaders Different?

A new study explores the Indian corporate leadership model.

A Very Good Year

I’m in the autumn of the year ... It was a mess of good years.

Footloose Indian in London

Somewhere between commutes and late night bashes, I pause and ponder on London's strong historical and cultural linkages with my own roots and "Indianness."

Raising Your Multilingual Child

Every child is unique, but research shows that a language cannot be learnt unless it is spoken atleast 30% of the child’s waking time.

The Return

No self-respecting American would do that. Thank goodness!

An Indian Christmas In America

A celebration in many languages, many cuisines, many traditions ...

The Top Indian Doctors In America

These physicians are best of the best in the profession.

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