December 2008

Controversy Derails Sonal Shah

Under growing public pressure from progressive Indian American groups, Sonal Shah, a member of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition advisory board, who was rumored to be

Fall Of The Billionaires

The top 40 Indian billionaires lost almost two-thirds of their fortunes during the past year.Forbes Asia’s rankings of the 40 richest Indians found that their

Buddha’s Reincarnation?

A teenage boy worshipped by followers as the reincarnation of Buddha emerged briefly from the jungles of southern Nepal to offer 11 days of prayers

Just 2% Of Indians In Stocks

Fewer than 2 percent of Indians are invested in the stock market, according to Minister of State of Finance Pawan Kumar Bansal, so the financial

Twenty20 could kill off tests

Australia’s captain Ricky Ponting says test cricket is under threat by the commercialization of the sport by the Indian Premier League, the Indian Cricket League


Anand Jon Alexander, the self-proclaimed fashion designer to the stars, was convicted of sexually assaulting seven women, mostly aspiring models ages 14 to 21, who

$200 Shock Samosas

A Dutch couple was forced to fork out $200 dollars to a hawker for four samosas at the cattle fair in Sonepur in Bihar.

Surrogate Baby Heads To Japan

 A baby girl born of an Indian surrogate mother has been allowed to join her Japanese biological father after an Indian Supreme Court ruling.Three-month-old Manji

US Couple Travels 9,300 Miles To Vote

An American couple traveled 9,300 miles from Bangalore to New York to vote in the U.S. presidential election. Susan Scott-Ker and her husband, who have

Dim Witted President

Rogue nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan ridicules former President Pervez Musharraf as a “dim wit” with the qualification of an “attendant” who was mistakenly appointed commander-in-chief.

Top Chef

Radhika Desai advanced on the fifth season of the popular Bravo TV show Top Chef.

India Plants Flag On Moon

"The tricolor has landed," proclaimed the Hindustan Times as a box shaped probe painted in India's saffron, white and green flag crash landed on the

India's FDI Up

Foreign direct investment to India ballooned to $2.56 billion in September, up almost 260 percent over the same month last year.While Indian equities are taking

Medical Tourism

In a bid to reduce costs, the Health insurer WellPoint Inc. is setting up a pilot program to send patients to India for surgeries.  An estimated

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

I don't know about you, but I am quite ready for those gifts.

Be Your Own Financial Planner

Set/Revisit your GoalsTry to set SMART goals. These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Trackable. For example, you may want to create

Do Celebrity Endorsements Work?

Advertisers are pouring millions into celebrity endorsements. How much bang are they getting for their bucks?

The Indian Thing To Do

Finally, the little Indian girl inside me was free to live her life in her own way, not that of her parents or her husband.

Seeing Stars?

2008 seems destined to go down as one of the most cataclysmic years to rock the world, with perhaps the worst financial crisis in a half-century. Considering that economists seem totally out of their elements and are seeing stars, Little India thought why not turn to those who make their living reading the stars.

Kenya's Wahindis

The uneasy life of Indians in Kenya.

The Fading American Dream

The American dream is souring for tens of thousands of Indians in the financial sector.

After The Music Stops

Barack Obama’s first task must be to open up the secret files of the Bush administration, so that no future president ever dare engage in such heinous atrocities again.

Political Dozers

If you are well-disposed to the American political orientation and have sufficiently lowered your expectations, then the convention speeches might be fun.

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