December 2010

Security Bruises

The infighting between the U.S. Secret Service and the Indian security agencies was a frequently entertaining and always frustrating backstory dogging Obama’s four-day India visit.

Bahoot Dhanyavad!

That’s how US President Barack Obama greeted the Indian Parliament on his recent trip, part of the cute exotica that all but turned Mumbai city upside down.

Heaven On Earth

The mesmerizing region of Leh Ladakh and Kashmir.

Other Worlds

Our ceaseless search for other worlds centers on exoplanets, some of which might be tuned for life similar to our own.

Race To The Top

What Sets China and India Apart?

A Tight Embrace

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrapped his arms tightly around Pres. Barack Obama at every public event, visually symbolizing what Obama called a “defining partnership of the 21st century” between the two countries.

Political Frontier

The 2010 elections were a watershed moment for the Indian American community.

No Is A Good Word

Raising children in a world of boundaries and personal space.

Back To Pennsylvania Ave

Kal Penn is returning to the White House Office of Public Engagement to work as an associate director after filming the latest “Harold and Kumar”

$462 Billion Heist

These “illicit financial flows,” says GFI, “were generally the product of corruption, bribery and kickbacks, criminal activities and efforts to shelter wealth from a country’s tax authorities.”

Harry Potter Endangers India’s Owls

Harry Potter craze has resulted in a national infatuation with owls.

Zapping Coconuts

They stripped all trees around a museum he visited of coconuts to protect him from accidental bonking.

Shopping For Cotton In Jaipur

Wall Street Journal reports that Conan was paid $1 million for the commercial.

Evil Rocks In Bollywood!

Have goodness and virtue been hijacked?

I Spy Little India: December 2010

I Spy Little India: December 2010

Go Figure December 2010

Go Figure December 2010

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