December 2011

The American Behind India's 9/11

"David Coleman Headley, in my opinion, was a double agent. He was working for both the U.S. and for Lashkar and the ISI."

A Different Arrangement

Indian American filmakers hit their stride

Who is the Real King Khan

Over time, serious contenders, such as Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgun and Hrithik Roshan, enjoyed their moments (they still do), but all things considered, the Khan trio between them seem to have hijacked the popular imagination and developed an unmatched and unprecedented fan base across the globe.

International Kite Festival

Uttaryan International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad attracts people from all over the country and, in recent years, international kite fliers as well

What Mumbai’s Dabbawalas Know That its Taxi Drivers Don't

Does India have the resources, structures and innovation to meet the challenges of the coming decade?

Saving Capitalism from Capitalists

We may be headed for a fairly long economic downturn, Far from improving, Western economies could slide into a double dip recession. We could be sitting on a powder keg, which will explode.

Good Times in Pink City

Mumbai ranked second, Patna third, Chandigarh fourth and Delhi fifth in the happiness rankings.

The $1 Million Stain

The cleaning woman mistook it for a stain and scrubbed it clean. “It is now impossible to return it to its original state,” according to a museum spokesperson.

Hyperactive Robber Syndrome

A 20-year-old British robber was relieved from community service because he was too sleepy to work.

Curry College

British communities secretary Eric Pickles, is proposing establishing a curry college to train British chefs in the art of chicken tikka masala.

$400,000 Prayer Beads

A Mumbai company is hawking a $400,000 rudrakshas, or prayer bead, necklace made from seeds of the rudrashka (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) tree.

Airline Holds Passengers Hostage

Each passenger had to fork out $205. Passengers who didn’t have the money in cash, were asked to secure money from ATM machines.

100,000 Marriages

An estimated 100,000 marriages are set to be held during November, which astrolgers consider an auspicious period, based on the position of Mars.

Earliest India Photos

The photographs belong to the estate of Lord Dalhousie, the seventh governor-general of India.

Dumb & Dumber

Katju said: “Unfortunatelymost people in India are of a very low intellectual level, steeped in casteism, communalism, superstitions and all kinds of feudal and backward ideas.”

iSpy December 2011

Photo Contest Every month, we publish a selection of submitted photos in Little India and the photo judged best by the editors wins $30.

Go Figure December 2011

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Identify what this is and win $30 Last date January 15, 2012 The last mystery image is

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