February 2004

Here There Everywhere An Indian

  Every sixth person in the world is an Indian - and suddenly we seem to be running into them all, here in the United

Saris For Fun

In a decided shift from its graceful, elegant image, the sari is now fun, providing enough length in its 6 yards for the wearer and

All These Trimmings

From kasida to dabka, lace and even buttons, style, this season, is about how you decorate your garment.    Shadow work mixed with buckles, buttons on

Jalandhar in Jakarta

Indonesia leaves most Indians unscathed. Nobody wants to be an Indonesian, not even the Sindhis.  The music slams into my chest as soon as I

His Magic Touch

Shujaat Khan on on his music, his turbulent relationship with his father, and that which is greater than music.  He can trace his lineage all

Beyond Skin

The whole world is Nitin Sawhney's palette.

Indian Coconut

The future will be a fierce political battle between those who stand for equality and justice and those who walk in step with entrenched wealth. 

Review of Pomegranate Dreams

Pomegranate Dreams and Other Stories By Vijay Lakshmi Soft cover, 230 pages Indialog Publications

Tower Of Babel

One in 5 Americans speaks a language other than English at home. Three Indian languages rank among the top 20 foreign languages.   America is surely

The Asian Century

It is left to India and China, who have in the past, frittered away their most creative energies in wars and conflicts to rise above

Interview with Vijay Lakshmi

Tell us what the main difficulties in straddling two cultures are. Do you find this to be inherently harder for men or for women? Straddling even

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