February 2005

Outsourced Spouses

Indians are pioneers in trans-continental marriages.

Dishonor And Abandon

The word is out in India: Marry an NRI at your own peril...

Expats In India

Growing numbers of Europeans and Americans are moving to India for work and are falling in love with the culture, or the weather, or the food, or someone.

Plot That Flopped

Why did Ashutosh Gowariker's much-anticipated Swades flop in India?

Bitter Medicine

Even though the community boasts per capita 33 times as many physicians than the national average, almost a quarter of all Indian Americans lack health

Lights And Shadows

Ustad Imrat Khan sheds light on the Ravi-Shankar-Vilayat Khan rivalry and the family feud after his brother's death.   He comes from a lineage traced to Mia

No Life without Wife

Q1 Jane Austen says, "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of

Swan Song

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the war in Iraq, which the conservative establishment projected as harbingers of the new American century, may ironically

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