February 2006

Beauty's Beast

Indian women are being exhorted to live up to Western beauty standards. Ironically, while we have more educated and financially independent Indian women than ever before,


Have HavanKund, will travel

The Immigrant Thali

Indian cuisine is undergoing a metamorphosis, but then so is the American table.

Anoushka Rising

Anoushka Shankar is beginning to feel comfortable in her skin.

The Hidden India In America

You have to know where to look!

NRI - Non Respected Indian

There is still the totem pole of respect and we NRIs have not reached any higher since the time we left India - only our price of admission went up.

The Freedom Of Information Act

The Little India guide to accessing public information.

The Chili King Of Vermont

Millbrook Country Inn and Restaurant is a classic cape-style farmhouse built in the 1850s, midway between the ski slopes and the village of Waitsfield, on


Super-Hit or Super-Flop?


Many South Asian immigrants who came to America in the 60s brought with them the power of their gray cells and their math skills, taking



Make Jokes Not War

People search for many things in India, but comedian Albert Brooks is the first one to search for laughs - and the first one to

No Rats And Roaches, Please!

Ever wondered what goes on in the kitchens of your favorite restaurants, including desi ones? Now you can take a health inspector with you to

Mind Your Language


Break Through


Funny Money

Sir Richard Branson, the mega-magnate of Virgin Airlines, Virgin Music & Entertainment, and Virgin Books is partnering with Deepak Chopra, Shekhar Kapur, and Gotham Chopra

Called Foul For Yoga

One of the National Football League's premier running back Ricky Williams may be trading himself -to yoga. Williams announced recently that he is heading to

Daddy's Daughter

What do you get when you mix a Norwegian with a Kashmiri? A stunner! Lisa Fotedar MIller, whose mother is from Norway and father from

Watch The Novel

Never got around to reading R.K.Narayan's masterpiece Malgudi Days? Never fear. Now DVD buffs can sit back and view the novel rather than read it!

Soapsuds And Bollywood

This is probably a first for daytime soaps on American TV - a full-blown Bollywood musical fantasy! NBC's Passions, which is a sizzling drama set

Sexy In The Eye Of The Beholder

He's a PhD from Harvard, an expert in planetary science, fluid mechanics, hydrology, geodynamics, and physical volcanology. He's been voted amongst the "Brilliant Ten" by

The Laughing Indian

One thing is certain: when he calls you, you can't put the phone down without bursting into laughter. He has just to walk into a

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