February 2013

Crossover Cinema

New breed of cinema in English is redefining filmmaking in India

Is Mom Your Best Friend

Things are a bit different in the West. A recent report identifies five distinct mother categories: The Perfectionist; the Unpredictable; the Me first; the Complete; and the one that is winning, the Best Friend.

India's Demographic Dividend

Half a century ago, there was only one answer to the question of India’s growing population. In a 1967 book titled Famine 1975!:

Wearing Art

New Metaphors for Indian Fashion

Global Luxury Brands Woo Indian Fashionistas

The density of business in Emporio is in its nascent stages and another factor is the comparatively high costs of rentals.”

Saffron's Royal Romance

At each blooming, the neighing of Yusuf’s horse and the wailing songs of Habba Khatoun are said to come to life in the Pampore highlands, according to locals.

The GOP Plot to Steal Elections

The GOP proposes to distribute the electoral college votes proportionately. That in itself is not a bad idea; indeed if it were implemented by all states, it would even improve the antiquated electoral college system.

I Spy February 2013

BILLIARD MOJO: A wacky billiard table shaped car at the Sudha Car Museum in Hyderabad.

Go Figure February 2013

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Deadline March 15, 2013         Enter Go Figure Contest     The December mystery seems to have stumped our readers.

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