January 2006

Asian Values: Loosening Up?

In early December 2005, when the Crazy Horse Paris started its shows in Singapore, a topless dance revue, it attracted a lot of criticism in

The Colors Of Desi

One in nine Indian Americans is biracial.

Raising The Asian Flag

Asian filmmakers rebel against Hollywood.

Private Equity Firms Looking Hard at India?

India did not figure in investors' definition of Asia. Not anymore.

Non Stop Lost Baggage Woes

So what do you do when your bags are lost?

How Authentic An Indian Are You

Welcome to the brave new world of White Indians, Black Indians, Hispanic Indians, and Asian Indians. More than 220,000 Indian Americans - nearly one in nine

A Slice Of Gujarat, Served With Nostalgia And Love

As a child in Raleigh, N.C., Priti Chitnis Gress yearned for the all-American burgers and pizzas instead of the traditional food being cooked in her

Uncle Craig's Children

The photos are striking, capturing vignettes of ordinary people, ordinary lives. The photographers, though, are by no means ordinary. They are all children who have

The Indian Billionaires Club

The number of billionaires in India more than doubled from last year to 27 in the 2005 Forbes' annual list of the richest Indians. The group

A New Yoga Posture

The Indian government is squaring off against overseas yoga and fitness instructors, accusing them of pirating practices that are thousands of years old.   In recent years,

Mind Your Language



Code4Bill. Sounds like a secret coded message during the Cold War, but is simply Bill Gates talk for a contest across India to search for


Souza sells for $ 1.5 Million on the internet

Food Fight

A Chinese mall restaurant is engaged in a food fight to bar Indian and Japanese restaurants from selling rice on their menu saying it has

That's A Lot Of Pink Paint

This gives a new meaning to painting the town pink. Jaipur recently had its month long 278th foundation day celebrations and the day began with


Sugar Free Gulab Jamuns

Dance: Keeper Of The Family Jewels

It's Grandmother, Mother and Son Inc. The fabulous dance tradition of legendary T. Balasaraswati is now being carried on by her grandson, Aniruddha Knight. The

Have Film, Need Money

Indian American filmmakers are scrounging for finance

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