January 2008

$100,000 Sari

World record for the most expensive sari

Indian Doctor Wins Right to Return to Australia

Australia's new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced a judicial inquiry into the previous government's bungled handling of the case.

Electric Discpline

A teacher uses an exposed wire connected to batteries to administer the mild shocks

Smells Bad

This did not happen in the 1800s. This happened in the 21st century

Boyfriend Charged in Miscarriage

A 34-year-old married Indian American service station owner, Manishkumar Patel, of Appletown, Wisc., has been charged with attempted murder of an unborn child by lacing

Ethnic Groups Trust Whites More

There are also serious racial problems between minority groups in America.

UK's Missing Indian Girls

The proportion of boys over girls has increased over time

Hanuman: Summoned To Court

A judge in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, has summoned the Hindu gods Ram and Hanuman, to appear before him to resolve a 20-year-old dispute over a 1.4

Fecal Art

Sierra seeks to incite disgust or outrage with his works.

1 in 5 IBM Employees Indian

The number of IBM employees in India has jumped eight-fold since 2003

Preaching Gita in US Motels?

Most U.S. motels traditionally place Bibles in guest rooms.

Dollar Dive

Analysts expect the dollar to decline further against the rupee

India, China Shrink

World Bank's updated method for calculating purchasing power parity (effectively lowered the size of both countries' economies by 40%

Oriental Hotels Snubs Tatas

Tatas ask that OEH publish a formal apology to Taj Hotels…

IT Doesn't Pay

Indian IT managers ahead only of Vietnam, Bulgaria and the Philippines.

Will Corruption Slow Growth or Growth Slow Corruption?

Some of the distorted cultural norms that took hold during the earlier period are slowly being repaired by the sheer forces of competition.

Masala Mixers

While the lean-ins to swap contact info may seem casual, make no mistake: desis are hunting for a suitable mate as doggedly as they pursued master’s degrees and coveted internships a few years ago.

Footloose Indian in Santa Maria de Belém

A trip to Lisbon, Portugal, is a tour down the lanes of history.

The White Sheep

So, the whole world might not know I am Indian, but I do.

Long Playing Tragedy

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination marks another sad and volatile chapter in South Asia that is likely to be misunderstood here and elsewhere.

The Onion Sutra

Warning: Do not separate an Indian from his onions!

The Indian American Bundlers

Hillary Clinton has bagged almost half the Indian American bundlers this primary season.

Power Politics

Indian Americans are rolling up their sleeves this election as never before.

American Theater

Callousness is the hallmark of Bush's foreign policy and incompetence an abiding principle.

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