January 2010

Behind The Glitter

Behind the scene at the White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The Salahi Way

As we catalog the decade of the noughties, ring up a new contribution to our vocabulary.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

The Indian guests at the three state dinners for Indian prime ministers during this decade are a study in contrasts and reflect the political bases and priorities of the hosting administration.

The Day the Universe Changed

When one’s view of the universe changes, the universe itself effectively changes.


Bollywood lifts shamelessly from Hollywood.

What We See, Isn't

Don't trust what you see in the heavens.

Democratizing the Hollywood Film Industry

Sunil Rajaraman, co-founder, president and CEO of Scripped.com, is on a mission to change Hollywood.

Healthy Protein Foods

These recipes are rich in proteins, so indulge yourself.

Chinese Ancestors Are Indian

The ancestors of most Asian populations, including the Chinese, originated in India, according to a new genetic study.The study spanning 10 Asian countries found that

The Short Of It

The RSS is dropping its shorts.

Fried Ice Cream

A cute promotional campaign by ice cream maker Häagen Daz in India has proven cute by half.

Arguing With An Idiot

"I'm sure, no offense to India, I'm sure it's beautiful and everything. I've heard especially this time of year, especially by the - you know that one big river they have there that sounds like a disease?"

Chandra Proteco's Kentucky Plant

Chandra Proteco is setting up a $32 million copper cable manufacturing plant in Morgantown, Kentucky, which is expected to create 106 jobs in the town.

Full Reddy Labs Expands US

Indian generic drug manufacturer Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, is undertaking a $16.5 million expansion of its plant in Shreveport. La.The state is providing sales tax abatement

Half Billion Mobile Phones

The number of mobile phones in India are expected to top 500 million at the start of 2010, the largest after China. The number of

Indian Women CEOs

The number of women CEOs in India is nearly four times that of the United States.According to a survey of 240 mid and large domestic

World's Cheapest Water Purifier

Tata aims to sell a million units in the first year.

Indian Market

Volkswagen aims to capture 10 per cent of the Indian auto market, which is expected to top 3.5 million by 2015.  The company is planning

What A Turkey!

Infosys is sued by a former Indian American employee for harassment and religious discrimination.

Underground Banker

Naresh Jain, 50, is suspected of moving over $2 billion in hawala annually

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