July 2007

Sorry, IITians

Graduates of the Indian Institutes of Technology have played a far smaller role as entrepreneurs than has been widely assumed, according to a new report.  The

Phyrric Victory?

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing New York City to sue the governments of India and Mangolia for $20 million in back property taxes has

The Wunderkid of Entrepreneurship

At a TiE conference that attracted some 4,000 top notch entrepreneurs, corporate heads, venture capitalists, the show stealer was a 13-year-old entrepreneur Anshul Samar who

Facilitating NRIs

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has established the Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC), to serve as a one-stop-shop for overseas Indians.  The center maintains

Hollywood v. Bollywood

Hollywood has joined the turf war with Bollywood for Indian movie goers.  Spider-Man 3 grossed $4.5 in its first weekend, the highest ever for a foreign

Basmati Rice

DNA tests of Basmati rice sold in the US and Canada found that just 15 percent of the samples were authentic Basmati. A quarter had


THE ARTICLE "INDIANS IN MALAYSIA: An Alienated Community," (June 2007) downplays the important contribution of Tamilians to Malaysia. The capital is named Putra Jaya and

Dual Citizenship Striptease

Even green card holders in the US enjoy more rights and privileges than holders of Overseas Indian Citizen cards do in India.

Ah, The Kiss!

With all the controversy over Richard Gere's infamous kiss of Shilpa Shetty, who would imagine that the first public record of the kiss is found,

Palace In The Sky

India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is constructing a $1 billion 27-story palace in the sky with a helipad, glass fronted apartments for guests, a two-story

South Asian Flak for Obama

A Obama campaign hit on Hillary boomerangs.

15 Year Upsetrician

A doctor couple in Tamil Nadu face disbarment and potential criminal prosecution for encouraging and filming their 15-year old son perform a Caesarean section on

Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde

If the strange name doesn't catch your attention, the man behind the movie will!  He is a busy, successful doctor, happily married to an equally successful

For the Love of Urdu poetry

Mushairas in the U.S. evoke feelings of celebration, nostalgia and love for their roots and culture in a foreign land.

Halka Nasha

Music changes with the times, says Hariharan, and we have to accept change.

The Deviant Diplomat

A diplomatic posting in Afghanistan is not everyone's cup of tea. Sandeep Kumar has made it his pot.

Searching For Answers

Asra Nomani, a colleague of Daniel Pearl, talks about a changed new world

The Long, Hot Summer

And the Indian thirst-quenchers which cool you down...

India's Growing Wealth Belt Spawns A New Breed Of Managers

New wealth creates room for financial planners.

Mad About Mangoes

As exports to the U.S. resume, a juicy business opportunity ripens.

Is Sunita Williams Really An Indian Idol?

Are we so bereft of heroes that we have to import them at the cost of our self-esteem?

Damn Cricket

Why Indians are missing out on sports success.

Spirituality Inc

Is it possible to manage hedge-funds and billion dollar portfolios -- and your soul too?

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