July 2009

Dharamsala: Permanence Of Exile

Dharamsala — the de facto capital and home to nearly 20,000 Tibetans in exile — is taking on all the trappings of permanency

Love Marriage

We did not separate despite numerous problems, as ours was not a “love-marriage.”

Reverse Exodus: Gulf Workers Head Home

The main commodity which Kerala exports to the Gulf countries is manpower

Unfit To Print

The Times conspired with scores of other news organizations that knew about the kidnappings on a news blackout for seven months.

Cool Treats

Cooking Without Fire

Sabeer Bhatia Reboots

Rather than creating new products that would require companies to change or alter their way of operating, all these companies do the same thing at much lower costs.

T20-DEBACLE After The Toast, The Roast

As defending champions India fall early in this year’s T20-cricket tournament, questions and accusations fly thick and fast.

Jackson Heights

An Indian American’s take on the Michael Jackson phenomenon that swept America — and the world at large — off its feet for more than a decade.

Time for Immigration Reform

With the country facing serious competition from workers abroad, it's more important than ever to create a world-class immigration system.

Indian-American Belize Envoy

A diet of Indian curry two or three times a week lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Heather’s Tantric Sex

Actress Heather Graham, of Boogie Nights, The Guru and Austin Powers says “You haven’t lived until you have tried tantric sex.” Graham told Britain’s Daily

Millionth English Word

Web 2.0 has bested Jai Ho and Slumdog as the millionth English word or phrase.According to The Global Language Monitor, which tracks latest trends in

Obama Indians

93% of all South Asians voted for Obama.

What’s With He & He?

The study found higher ratios of boys to girls, especially if the first child was a girl, or if the first two children were girls.

Republican Minority

Nearly three times as many American minorities are Democrats than Republicans.A Gallup survey found that 89% percent of rank-and-file Republicans are non-Hispanic whites, just 5%

Pill Mill

The couple are charged with a $9 million medical fraud scheme.

Whose Fault

A veteran Edison police officer who berated a superior for refusing to help him rescue Indians in a car crash will not be disciplined for

Vital Signs

Over the years, Thackeray has denounced Muslims.

Obama’s Keema Touch

Obama's affinity for Pakistani culture and the great Urdu poets.

Mirchi Bomb

Hand grenade packed with the world’s hottest chili powder.

Sued for Stealing Wife

Bittar romanced Ronda with expensive gifts.

Haley’s Comet

South Carolina State Rep. Nikki Haley, who is running for governor, moved rapidly to put her distance from disgraced Gov. Mark Sanford, whose endorsement she once coveted.

His Beef With Tacos

Indian parent charges a Cincinnati public school with religious discrimination.

Curry on Fire

A bag of curry triggered fire alarms in the cargo hold of a Frankfurt-bound Air India Boeing 747 with 235 passengers on board, prompting the pilots to activate fire extinguishers and return the plane Mumbai after being airborne for an hour.

TCS Mexico

Tata Consultancy Services opens its third global network delivery center in Mexico.

Nilekani Has Got Your ID

The agency expects to issue 100 million ID cards over the next three years.

American Techies Unemployable

HCL Technologies’ CEO Vineet Nayar has created a stir by asserting that American tech graduates are “unemployable.”InformationWeek reported that in response to criticism that HCL

US Eases Technology Transfer

The agency expects to issue 100 million ID cards over the next three years.

Coming to a Dealer Near You

Detroit auto dealers, shifting to Indian auto manufacturer

Jatropha Biofuel

The leafy jatropha tree is emerging as a leading source of biofuel.

Housing Rebound

Property prices more than doubled during India’s Real Estate boom between 2005 to 2008

Satyam, Re-branded As Mahindra Satyam

Satyam, the disgraced Indian outsourcing giant, has re-branded itself as Mahindra Satyam following its acquisition by Tech Mahindra. New CEO C.P. Gurnani said: “Mahindra Satyam

India Triples U.S. Debt Holdings

India has tripled it holding of U.S. treasuries during the past year and is now the 15th largest foreign holder of U.S. debt. Data from

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