July 2011

Namaste America!

Asian Indians are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States.

Hot Java

Capturing India’s percolating coffee market.

Healthy Business

Will medical tourism be India’s next big industry?

India’s Beauty Brigade

From Sushmita Sen in the early 1990s to the latest 2011 winners, daughters of the Armed Forces seem to dominate Indian beauty pageants.

India’s TV-Land: No Country For Men

Men play second-fiddle on Indian TV serials.

Mind Over Matter

Did matter create consciousness or consciousness matter?

Indians Behaving Badly

It is time for some soul-searching within the community, before more Indians discover themselves attracting the relentless public humiliation that Kaur’s boorish and arrogant conduct has subjected her to.

Double Graduation

I knew one other thing: I too had graduated and you were congratulating me.

Dream Act

Last year, Congress considered, but failed to pass, the Dream Act, which would have given students like Chahal a break.

Hot Yogi

Yoga guru to the stars, Bikram Choudury, could not hold on to his inner peace when an interviewer for the London The Times ventured into

No House for Mrs Biswas

I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not

Snap, What a Deal!

Enthusiastic villagers decided to rename their village from Shiv Nagar to Snapdeal.com Nagar

Undiplomatic Conduct

A former maid is accusing India’s New York consulate of using her as forced labor and making a sexual advance. Santosh Bhardwaj, 45, alleges in her lawsuit that she was made to work 105-hour a week for just $300 a month and had to sleep in a storage room.

Well-Educated Star

Raju deleted her Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts after video of the altercation surfaced and went viral.

Outing Bribes

A new website is shining a spotlight on corruption in India by allowing users to share their bribery experiences. Ipaidabribe.com seeks to “uncover the market price

Payroll Kickback

An Indian American couple who fled to India has been indicted in what Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for Manhattan, dubbed “one of the

Climate Controlled

The company is set to launch a consumer line of wear, including jackets, shoes, scarves, gloves and elbow packs.

Infosys Scrutinized

The company is accused of exploiting business visitor visas, which are intended for visitors to attend meetings, conferences or install specialized equipment.

iSpy July 2011

iSpy July 2011

Go Figure July 2011

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Identify what this is and win $30 Last date September 15, 2011 Enter Go Figure Contest   The May

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