June 2004

Eating Their Hearts Out

The rag-tag army of shadowy, often undocumented, workers in America.

Banal Dreams

Bombay Dreams is a hodge-podge of clichéd, uninspiring lines meshed together to punctuate one dance number from the next.

Past Dream Time

It's Showtime For Bombay Dreams.

Quest for the Ordinary

Hanif Kureishi Unplugged.

Sonia Gandhi and the Hypocrisy of the Saffron NRIs

It is a disgrace on the BJP that its leaders revile the Constitution openly and use every racist and cruelly cultural nationalist argument against Sonia

Brownie Points

Arrival of the Indian Chic.

Traveller's Tales

On the trail of bumbling and stumbling wanderers.

What A Shame

Why Sonia Gandhi ascendancy makes liberal-minded patriotic Indians hang their heads in acute embarrassment.

What A Stunner!

The elections results in India threw everyone for a loop.

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