June 2006

World Of Indias

There are as many Indias as you can see, dream or imagine.

Physicians And Techies

Census data bears out the popular perception of Indian Americans as doctors and techies. Indians are five times as likely to be in the computer/scientific

The Daddy Mummy Generation

Shall We Dance? Na, Na, Na!

New York! New York!

A mini-world within worlds, it has something for everyone.

Eloquence Of Example

Indian celebrities pay tribute to their fathers.


Send us your photos capturing an interesting or intriguing aspect of Indian life in America and win $50.Every month, we will publish a selection of

Go Figure! Win $30

Almost two-thirds misidentified Photo 1 as the Taj Mahal, to which the Bibi ka Maqbara bears a striking resemblance. Indeed, it is also known as

Culinary Journey From India To South Africa

An Invitation to Indian Cooking was Madhur Jaffrey's first cookbook for the American market, published in 1973. It is still regarded as a classic and

Shell Out Says New York

India is a dead beat and needs to fork out $28 million for back taxes, says New York City. Now a federal appeals court has

Run Budhia Run

The Orissa government has banned a four-year-old boy who ran 40 miles in seven hours from marathons out of fear for his health. Budhia Singh,

Arjun Most Popular Indian American Baby Name

Arjun again edged out Aditya as the most popular Indian male baby name in America in 2005.The Social Security Administration recorded it as the 701

Journeys: From Chandigarh To America, By Ship

They came to America 20 years ago, a hundred strong, on a ship from India: men, women, children, cattle and scores of monkeys, all stowed

Where Could Kaavya Be?

Life sometimes can be a bit of a Bollywood tear-jerker. One minute you're on top of the world, the next you are broken to pieces.

Meet Meera Masi

Sooraj ke tarha chamkoChidiyo ke tharha ChehekoPhoolo ke Tharha MehekoHaso hasao Khushe ManaoNow parents and kids who cannot speak or read Hindi can sing this

Osteoporosis? Take A Swig Of Beer

There Is a God! Beer is actually good for you, which's great news for all the six-pack desis out there who can't do without guzzling

Half Empty, Half Full Or Full To The Brim

The mighty Gods Rama and Krishna are on crutches and the Goddess Durga is hearing impaired? Watch a performance of Colors of Ability and you

Worried By The Gold Price Just Settle For Diamonds

"Gold's not like oil or steel - it can't run cars or heat homes, and it doesn't build bridges. But unless you're a jewelry maker,

A Whole New Market And Champagne Too

Increasingly the two worlds are merging. The audience was all-American as well as tourists from Germany to Australia and the venue was a chic restaurant

A Seven Day Miracle

Their life went from being a nightmare to a heavenly dream.Winston Peter, a Hindu priest from Guyana who lives in Queens with his family of

Dreams & Detours

It's not every day that a first film made by a neophyte is selected to premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, chosen over hundreds

Let's Dance

For the second generation dance is freedom of expression, cultural roots, a fitness routine, a date-finder and a socializing venue all rolled into one.

Worst President In History?

Bush's most dangerous legacy is the erosion of America's vaunted traditions of civil rights and liberties.

Dil Saaf Hona Chahida

Gurdas Maan unplugged.

A Medical Surprise

A comprehensive nationwide survey of children has some cheerful news for Indians.

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