June 2007

Nursing Success

The surefire Rx for financial success and a green card in America.

Marriage: Is love necessary?

How does the institution of arranged marriage, the culturally preferred way of Indians to establish the couple, square with the powerful dream of love?

Does Team India Really Need A Cricket Coach?

The latest buzz in Indian cricket centers on the selection of the national team's cricket coach. How much of this hungama is really justified?

Indian Real Estate

Investors are shopping, but are they buying hype?

Micro Finance Goes Digital

The concept of providing no collateral loans to the poor so they can work their way out of poverty.

India's Forex Reserves Top $200 Billion

India's foreign exchange reserves topped $200 billion at the end of April, according to the Reserve Bank, which is a 200-time growth since 1990, when

Drink To This

The $1.2 billion acquisition of Scottish distiller Whyte & Mackay Ltd. by Vijay Mallya's UB Group will catapult the Indian distiller to the world's second

An Offshoring Ripple

A new study dispels fears of widespread job losses to overseas outsourcing, concluding that a paltry 4 percent of all job losses stemmed from outsourcing.

Taking Care

A chat with Romi Datta, CEO of Sahara Care House

Outsourcing Cost Savings Exaggerated

Average cost saving from outsourcing of information technology and business services is around 15 per cent.A survey by outsourcing advisory firm TPI found savings ranged

Senators questioning tech company use of H1-B visa program

Two senators are questioning several Indian companies on their use of H-1B visa program for highly skilled workers. Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. and Chuck Grassley,

Report This!

A Pasadena, Calif., website, which stirred an international sensation with its plans to hire two journalists in India to report on local government affairs, has

H1B Visa Squeeze

Nearly half of all H1B visa applicants are out of luck this year, literally. After the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services received 123,480 eligible applications

Overseas Indians' wealth exceeds India's GDP

The net wealth of overseas Indians exceeds India's domestic economy.A high powered Indian government study estimates the combined wealth of 20 million Indians living overseas

The Indians Are Coming

India is the second largest foreign direct investor in London after the United States.The foreign direct investment agency, Think London reported that India accounts for

My Indian Binge

A love poem to India's gourmet delights.

Indians in Malaysia: An Alienated Community

One of the largest overseas Indian community in the world, Indian Malaysians, have not quite fit in.

India & I

Long after the sun set on the British Raj, India continues to lure foreigners to its shores, drawn to the land, the people, the history and its colorful culture.

Dusshera On East River

4th of July stirs up memories of Dusshera and home.

Immigration Deform

Since 2000, India has been the second largest source of immigrants to the United States, after only Mexico. You would not know that from the

Then And Now

Dev Anand

Big B Taxed Over Taxes

Only in Bollywood would they start a tiff over who is the top taxpayer.

Up In Smoke

  "Smoking killed my mom ... I would do it (anti-smoking messages) if someone is interested in working with me. In fact, I'm getting emails from

The Trouble With Meteorites They Fizzle Fast...

A metallic object, celebrated as a rare "meteorite," that crashed through the roof of an Indian couple's home in New Jersey earlier this year is

Mud Bath For The Taj

The Taj Mahal's domed edifice will be caked in mud for two months every two or three years as part of a clean-up operation.The 17th

Don't Like The Smell Of This

Days after an Indian perfume tycoon and his wife were charged with enslaving two Indonesian domestic workers, his company announced that it was suing L'Oreal

In The Eyes Of God

Following stinging criticism over the public spectacle surrounding the pre-wedding darshan by Abishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, officials at the Tirupati Temple have decreed that

A Boeing is Blocking My Street!

A Boeing 737 jetliner was abandoned on busy Mumbai street for six days by a driver who took a wrong turn and then simply fled.The


I FULLY CONCUR WITH YOUR "A Glance Away," (May 2007). It truly hreflected the exact sentiments I was going through during the Virginia Tech incident.

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