June 2009

Return To India

As their fate becomes increasingly uncertain, a growing number of Indian immigrants are packing up and heading home.

Is India’s BJP Turning Republican?

The intriguing fall-outs of the recent parliamentary elections

Indian IT Industry Hits The Reset Button

This crisis is different, and ‘mother of all crises’ is not even beginning to describe it.

Fooling Me Thrice

If Manmohan Singh’s election victory seems like a landslide, it is only because the media were so wide off the mark

The Mystery Of Prabhakaran’s Death

A large part of the blame for the cloud of uncertainty over the LTTE supremo’s death lies at the door of a furtive, double-talking Sri Lankan government

Abdul Kalam on Competition and Dependence

Former Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, popularly known as the “Missile Man of India, is the youngest child of a Muslim boatman and best selling author of eight books, including his autobiography, Wings of Fire.

Chai With Your Pina Colada?

Quite unwittingly, I am living my own version of bipolar disorder.

Bulletproof Turbans?

Development of bullet-proof turbans to enable Sikhs to serve in armed units.

Gurkha Veterans’ Last Stand

The government caves in to demands giving Gurkha veterans automatic rights to British residency.

No Place For Crap

No toilet. No bride

Diamonds in the Rough

The global recession has taken the sparkle off India’s diamond polishing industry, which cuts and polishes 70% of the world’s diamonds. As a part of

Karate Kid

At age 5 shehas become the world’s youngest karate black belt

153 Parliamentary Crooks

Over a quarter of newly elected parliamentarians in India’s national elections have criminal cases pending against them.

Me Slumdog, You Millionaire

Mumbai municipal authorities have razed the shantytown homes of Slumdog Millionaire child stars

Flying Shoe Flies High

The shoe became a novel form of political protest during this year’s election cycle

$400,000 Rare Lincoln Stamp

A rare 90 cent Abraham Lincoln stamp used to ship a letter from Boston to an Ice House in Calcutta in 1873 is expected to


The Soleckshaw aims to reduce the physical burdens of India’s 8 million rickshaw drivers.

Indian Mata Hari?

De Sousa, 53, insists she is not a CIA agent and was not involved in the kidnapping

Obama’s Autograph

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had an unusual request for Pres. Barack Obama

Affirmative Action For Whites

The new policy reduces the guaranteed placements based on SAT scores and grade point averages

Fly Bye

India’s airlines are rapidly dumping foreign pilots

Obama’s Corporate Tax Plans Hit Indian Nerve

Indian media have denounced Obama “anti-India” stance.

Indians World’s Greenest

Few Indians have hot running water and even fewer have air-conditioned homes — and that’s a good thing. A worldwide survey of environmentally sustainable behavior

96% Pay Cut Anybody?

Industry groups denounce the cynical offer.

Promoter Of DLF Sells Shares

Pomoter of India’s largest real estate company DLF, has sold $800 million of his shares

Ishq Ishq

It has been said a zillion times, and yet, warrants repetition, that the world loves a lover! More so when hot reel life spills over to real life — or is it the other way around? Just how do off-screen romances fare on-screen?

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