March 2006

Letters to Editor - March 2006

As a supplement to "Chandani Chowk" news item, "Souza Sells for $1.5 Million on the Internet" (January 2006), I would like to bring to the

Dhandu Ram's Okra Crunch


Yuva, The New Kid On The Block

What does a New York restaurateur give his sweetheart? A brand new restaurant to reflect her personality! Kedar Shah, whose family owns several hotels and the

Lost Your Shirt? Get Moneypants

 "Tell late fees to kiss your assets! We email you before bills are due."Hardly the language you'll find on a financial website, but if you've

Grammy Gold

It's unusual to hear the name Balakrishnan in relation to jazz music rather than software development, but David Balakrishnan, violinist and founder of the Turtle

Walking Backward, Barefoot

Can you go forward by walking backward? Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy came from a privilege family, graduated from Doon School and St. Stephen's College and was

Bollywood In Diapers

 Now we've seen it all. Bollywood directors are getting so youthful that they might soon be directing from the crib! A media report says that

Jain To Jain Heart To Heart

If you're a Bansal, a Shah, a Jain or a Mehta and you're looking for your soulmate, also a Bansal, Shah, Jain or Mehta -

Where The Cars Are

The phut puts, buses, lorries, cycles and scooters, not to mention camels and cows, better make room on the highways for the future flood of


Now desis can take credit for inventing the kiss! One would think this form of communication, much frowned on by Indian society and the Indian

Flying Yogis Vs Flying Missiles

Better tell George Bush that there's a cheaper and more cost-effective way of winning the war! Put away those exorbitantly priced, horrendously destructive missiles and

The Gup-Shup Experts

Indians are a nation of nonstop talkers so it's no surprise that after catching up with China, India is projected to surpass it to become

101 Uses For Condoms

Now we know why India has a population of over a billion and still climbing. The condoms are being used for quite unintended purposes. India

Indian Movie, American Money And The Producer Sings!

Now movie-making is being outsourced to India!Telebrands, a New Jersey based American company which deals in infomercials, has jumped into the Bollywood business, producing Aryan,

The Human Jalebi

Ravi the Scorpion Mystic, aka Ram Sagar Seepersad, is living every young boy's dream of running away from home with the circus! A contortionist with

Fashion MD

She may not be able to fix your hot flashes or your cough, but she can certainly transform the health of your wardrobe!  The world may

Unwelcome In America

 The recent public furor over the denial of visas to three prominent Indian scientists by the U.S. Consulate in Chennai has cast some welcome light

Delhi In Davos

How India built its brand at the World Economic Forum

Gora! Gora!

The life of a gora extra in Hindi films.

The Hollywood Yogis

They have to leave their shoes and their egos at the door for this age-old practice.

Debating the California Text Book Controversy

Hinduism Treated Unequally In California Textbooks

The Quest For First

Indian Americans are a driven lot. Is it their genes, their environment or ambitious parents?

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