March 2010

Biopiracy Killer App?

India’s Traditional Knowledge Digital Library believes it has found the silver bullet in the biopiracy wars. Critics say it is aiming at the wrong targets.

Why Should It Be Easy For Them?

Dr Vandana Shiva, ecofeminist activist and head of Navdanya, says traditional knowledge should be in the public domain, not a government monopolized library.

We Have Solved The Problem Of Biopiracy 100 Percent

Dr V. K. Gupta, Director of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library, explains why the Indian approach to biopiracy has been so effective.

Why Phirang Hotties Leave Bollywood Viewers … Cold!

However all is not lost and Bollywood would do well to emulate the smart and profitable move of filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and producer Saif Ali Khan.

A Light on Dark Matter

What we see comprises just 10 percent of our universe. We know nothing of the remaining 90 percent, except that it exercises gravitational pull on observable objects.

The Padma Obsession

Is it time to do away with the controversial awards?

Corporate Thieves

The next time you hear music or movie studios whine about the hazards of pirated downloads by struggling college students, give them a lesson on the theft of medicinal products and seeds from Asia, Africa and Latin America by their corporate buddies, will you?

Desperately Seeking Desi

One ABCD tries to understand what it really means to be Indian.

Perpetual Outsider

I have made peace with them — foreign-returned guests.

Prescriptions For Healthy Living

Say It With Vegetables

Food Carnival

This month we celebrate the exotic flavors of the varied regions of India.

Unstripping SRK?

Shah Rukh Khan claims he was body scanned at Heathrow. Officials say his allegation is fabricated.

Anand Jon Broke

Anand Jon wants public lawyers for his trial.

The Missing Hindus

Where did a quarter of American Hindus disappear?

$31 Million Scam

A 46-year-old chief accounting officer at an audio company has been indicted for embezzling $31 million. Sujata “Sue” Sachdeva, former vice president of finance for

Paypal Halts Personal Transactions In India

Paypal has suspended all payments to India.

Air India Gets Bailout

Air India is reeling under a $8 billion debt load.

Hiring Frenzy

Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, and Wipro expanded their global workforces by an average of 5.1 percent last quarter.

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