March 2012

Diverse State of Little Indias

Indians in Florida are three times as likely to be divorced or separated than those in Pennsylvania, North Carolina or New Jersey. Indians are five times as likely to be widowed in Maryland as in Missouri.

The Great American Cold Rush

The voyage to India went smoothly and the Tuscany reached Calcutta on Sept. 13, 1833. Logistically the venture was a success — of the 180 tons of ice loaded, 100 survived. But plain logistics weren’t all this affair involved. In India’s sweltering heat, ice set off frenzied emotional, economic and social reactions.

Reimagining the Varanasi Sari

Condoms lubricate the wheels of the Varanasi sari industry.

Let Them Eat Cake

The extraordinary arrogance of Indian elites in dissing foreign aid for its poorest citizens and their chest thumping over India’s meteoric economic rise glosses over some glaringly painful realities.

India’s Education Dividend

Education can be the only leveler. It is the means to bridge the huge divide that exists between religious groups, castes and regions.

Naach Meri Bulbul, Paisa Mile Gaa!

How far are Bollywood stars willing to prostitute themselves?

Bollywood’s Oscar Curse

Why does the most glamorous, celebrated and venerated award spurn Bollywood, the world’s largest film industry?

Living Ever After, Virtually

Over the past one year, Shruti has been updating her brother’s profile - even accepting friend requests on his behalf — as if he were still alive.

Aseema’s Value-Driven Education

Education can be the only leveler. It is the means to bridge the huge divide between religious groups, castes and regions.

Unparliamentary Conduct

Television news footage caught Karnataka Ministers in the state assembly watching the pornographic clip on a phone.

India’s Most Expensive Apartment

The apartment price bested the previous high of $2,000 per sq ft paid in 2010.

Indian Salaries to Grow 12%

Industry-wise, the biggest salary increase this year, of 13.3%, is expected to come in the pharmaceuticals industry

End of the Humble Resume combines the visibility of a job board with the functionality of an applicant tracking system.

Elephant Tunes

South Asia is among the least integrated region in the world, according to Economist magazine. Neighbors account for just 0.5% of India’s imports

India 19th Most Exposed to Global Risk

New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Canada rated as the safest global risk countries.

Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines reportedly flew two passengers in the toilet after running out of room on a Lahore to Karachi flight. The country’s Geo

India World’s Top Rice Exporter

India recently lifted a three-year ban on export of non-Basmati rice. Indian rice is almost $100 per ton cheaper than Thai rice on the global market.

Indian IT Contributes $15 Billion in US Tax

NASSCOM estimates that Indian IT firms employ over 100,000 people in the US, up from 20,000 six years ago.

Australians Frothing Over Indian Mouthwash

The federal health department reportedly launched the investigation into the advertisement, displayed throughout the India-Australia cricket series.

Asians Most Discriminated Group in New Zealand

There are an estimated 354,000 Asians in New Zealand, of which 107,000 are Indian.

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