May 2006

Letters To Editor - May 2006

I do not consider myself a practicing Hindu, but the recent California textbook controversy (March 2006) aroused my interest, because of my own experiences in

What's The Hitch?

Hooking up Will Smith with Aishwarya Rai has run into a hitch, sort of. The star of the 2005 romantic comedy The Hitch, wants Rai

From Hoshiarpur To Hollywood

You could call it the tale of the turban. When Kavi Raz, who is originally from the town of Hoshiarpur in Punjab came to Hollywood

A Six-Pack Of Laughter @ 7-11

Isn't 7-11 the place where you get your soda, your gum and your paper? Well, it is, but it's also the name of an innovative

Southern Spice In Washington

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Senator Joseph Leiberman, Andrea Mitchell, the owners of the Washington Post, the CNN crew, the Today Show folks as well as

A Million Mutinies Now

Nobel laureate and novelist V S Naipaul, who in 2001 stirred a literary firestorm by accusing EM Forster of being a sexual predator and ridiculed

Sikkim Alps?

Sikkim wants to market itself as "another Switzerland" to tourists. Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on a "copycat" tour of Europe vows, "We will try our level

Past Forward: A Civilized War

If one wants to meditate on war and peace in this time of a continuing "war on terror," step into the New York Metropolitan Museum

How Much Would You Pay This Woman For Beatings?

Some people want a beating so badly, they are willing to steal for it. Abraham Alexander, 45, of East Meadow, N.Y., an India-born, married, father of

Brad Pitt Alone On The Ganges

What price stardom? If you're Brad Pitt and hankering to shoot the rapids on the Ganges in Rishikesh, you book the entire trip meant for 120

Hindu? Pre-Approved For A Loan

Need a good money manager? Consider hiring a Hindu or a Sikh! The recent Financial Services Authority (FSA) capability study into Britain's personal finances found that

Indiana? Maybe. India? Hell No!

"Indian Country? Yes. Indiana? Maybe. India? I don't think so." That's what John Loehr, a regent at New Mexico Highlands University, thinks about a recruiting trip

Dacoit Charm

Retired dacoits are seeking to trade fear for charm through a Bollywood movie, written by no less than a former police chief charged with pursuing

Players With Most Centuries In Test Cricket

CENTURIES PLAYER MATCHES 35 Sachin Tendulkar, India 132 34 Sunil Gavaskar, India 125 32 Steve Waugh, Australia 168 31 Brian Lara, West Indies 123 30 Ricky Ponting, Australia 102 29 Sir Donald Bradman, Australia 59 27 Allan Border, Australia 156 26 Matthew Hayden, Australia 81 26 Sir Garfield Sobers, West Indies 93 25 Inzamam-ul-Haq, Pakistan 107 24 Greg Chappell,

Wipro's Azim Premji

The Chairman of Wipro, Azim Premji, warns that the days of the old boys' club are numbered.

Yaar Tujhe Salaam

A conversation with music legend A.R. Rahman.

Traveling With The Indian Columbus

While you are reading the newspaper, eating lunch or simply dozing in the sunshine, there's one Indian who is at this very moment in a

You've Stolen My Heart

Was that "Dum Maro Dum" and "Monica, Oh My Darling" reverberating through     the auditorium of Carnegie Hall? Yes, Bollywood music has arrived smack inside

Starting Over

Can one ever pick up the pieces? For director Deepa Mehta and her daughter Devyani, the mother-daughter bond had unraveled many years ago when the

The Moral Quandary

How do you give up age-old values and still remain the same person?

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