May 2008

World Kabbadi League?

A political party in Punjab is developing a World Kabbadi League (WKL), along the lines of the Indian Premier League to promote the state's most

Death By Gulab Jamun?

An Indian journalist is charged with intimidation after sending gulab jamuns to Ontario's premier.

Berry Bitter Harvest

Indian Canadian berry pickers in farms outside Vancouver work in conditions reminiscent of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, a Canadian Tax Court judge has

Raining Money

A $450,000 fee paid to former Pres. Bill Clinton by British socialite Renu Mehta's Fortune Forum charity for a speech at a charity dinner in

Western Union India Revenues Jump

Western Union is one company bucking the recession, reporting a 7 percent increase in first-quarter net income thanks to a falling dollar and robust growth

Lakshmi Mittal England's Richest Man

With a net worth of £27 billion, steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal is England's richest man, ahead of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and The Duke of

Outsourcing Economy Shifts

Rising costs and a weakening dollar is prompting many U.S. companies to rethink their strategies of outsourcing to India. Analysts say that India's cost advantage,

India, Venezuela Oil Exploration

Venezuela and India are collaborating to explore and produce oil and natural gas in eastern Venezuela.Oil and Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC) India's top petroleum exploration

Dermatology And Plastic Surgery Most Competitive Fields

Dermatology and plastic surgery are the most competitive fields for medical residencies, according to a report by the Association of American Medical Colleges and the

Ferrari Spreads Its Indian Wings

Ferrari plans to open six showrooms in India by 2010.

Foreign Medical Graduates

Physicians with U.S. postgraduate degrees can now practice medicine in India and teach at the country's medical colleges.The health ministry has decided to recognize advanced

U.S. No Longer Preferred Destination For IITians

The proportion of IITians going abroad has dropped by half in recent years.

India Top Receiver Of Remittances

Worldwide remittances in 2007 estimated at $318 billion

Minority Doctors In Short Supply In State

Only 10 percent of doctors in California are Latino or African American,

Reliance Sets Up U.S. Theater Chain

The company is targeting the mainstream market

Don't Go There!

A New York Jury has rejected a claim from a construction worker who sued a New York Presbyterian Hospital for administering an unwanted rectal exam

Traditional Clothes Good For Your Mental Health

Traditional clothing represents a tighter family unit

Letters May 2008

"I'm Here Mom," by Anish Majumdar is a mind-blowingly honest and heart-felt article. Kudos to you and your mom for feeling so deeply.Anonymous, via eMail As

Science Of Multiculturalism

The world's largest ever gene mapping exercise has found that the "genetic landscape of the Indian population captures the genetic diversity of the world."The Indian

Investing In India

Where Is the Smart Money Going Now?

Ravi Kuchimanchi

Tapping the Potential of Non-Resident Indians to Help the Rural Poor

The Brown And Gray Of Race

Indian Americans occupy a "third space" in this country, as they have neither been afforded the implicit privileges of whiteness nor damned by the historical burdens of blackness.

Is There A Doctor On The Race Course

When a healthcare temp agency contacted me saying they were looking for a doctor for a horse race my interest was aroused.

Varanasi Sacred & Profane

The cricket game, like everything else in Varanasi, carries on amidst the funeral chants and the grieving.

Smart Cameras And Smarts

The implication — anyone who uses a camera cannot be that smart.

Western Gaze: Country Of Contrast

For an American visiting India for the first time, the reaction to the cows isa good metaphor for how well they have tuned in to the charms of the country.

Giving Up The Mask

We travel because we are condemned to return home.

Western Gaze: Mementos Of The Heart

Notwithstanding the volume of mementos I brought home, they are no matchfor what I carry of India in my heart, my mind, and my life.

The Bilingual Dilemma

To speak or not speak? That's the question.

My Paper Google

The cover shows its age, but the book is neat and poised, the papers never askew or unkempt.

Why We Travel To India

In this upside down world they wonder why you come searching for a place they cannot leave.

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