May 2010

Wages Of Arrogance

The NRI wonder-boy with the golden touch ultimately fell victim to the most basic of human weaknesses.

Chhetri Brings Rock-star Status To Wizards

The reaction in India to Chhetri’s move to the U.S. has been like what happened in Japan nine years ago when Ichiro Suzuki switched to Major League Baseball

Freedom To Offend

The consternation over M.F. Husain’s acceptance of Qatari citizenship has rekindled debate on artistic freedom and responsibility in India.

In Defence Of Masala Movies!

The pretentious hogwash of new cinema.

Et Tu Tharoor?

Shashi Tharoor’s enduring legacy may well be scaling up the corruption standards of the “cattle class” to the Goldman Sachs stratosphere.

Can Stars Act?

The answer lies with those you can’t see.

Royal Spread

Recipes with the Maharaja touch.

Lifeline Express

Can trains-turned-hospitals cure rural India’s health care woes?

US Issues India Alert

The U.S. Embassy in India has issued a travel alert urging Americans to maintain “a high level of vigilance” because of “increased indications” that terrorists

Loo tale... Do Tell

More Indians have cell phones than toilets, according to the United Nations. Just a third of Indians —366 million — have access to proper sanitation,

Indian Image Declines

Global perceptions about the US have improved, while those of India have declined from a year ago, according to a BBC poll of 28 countries.“Worldwide,

Indian Spy?

A former B-2 stealth bomber engineer, accused of selling military secrets to China merely passed along “meaningless,” “obvious” and “well-known” information, according to his attorney.Noshir

The Malik Mirza Show

 Indian tennis player Sania Mirza married former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik in a rare public union across the border. The marriage in Hyderabad was

British Curry Comes Home

Four British master chefs showcased popular British curries at the Taste of Britain Curry Festival in Kolkatta in April. The festival played to packed diners,

Killing Them Softly

India’s rising affluent lifestyle is becoming a greater public health threat than poverty.  Heart diseases accounted for almost a quarter of deaths in the country,

Kapoor's Orbit

A $29 million, 380-feet spiraling sculpture, taller than even the Statue of Liberty, designed by Indian British artist Anish Kapoor has been selected to mark

Barbaric Robes

Jairam Ramesh, India’s environment minister was wildly cheered at a graduation ceremony at the Indian Institute of Forest Management in Bhopal, when he discarded his

World’s Largest Pilgrimage

 An estimated 50 million Hindus are expected to have taken part in this year’s Purna Kumbh Mela, which concluded on April 28. The Kumbh Mela

Kumar Escapes From The White House

Kalpen Modi, of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle fame, has quit his low key position as associate director in the White House’s Office

Indian Priests at Center of Catholic Church Scandal

Two Indian priests accused of sexual abuse are at the center of the sex scandal rocking the Catholic Church. One priest charged with sexually assaulting

Potato Paneer Burrito

Yum Foods, owner of the Taco Bell chain, has a track record in India with its other brand, Kentucky Fried Chicken

India Begins The Count

An estimated 2.5 million census workers are fanning out all over the country

Mansion Bans Meat

Australian government official denounced the ban as “absolutely wrong

Dawn of Dusk

Time to say that as a magazine we love, and always have loved, the gorgeous color of Indian skin

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