November 2003

Author Speak

Interview with Shoba Narayan, author of Monsoon Diary.

Rose Tinted Glasses

University President Dr Beheruz Sethna retains a child-like curiosity.

Howard's Fanny

Howard Stern has been poking fun at Indians. He is just not too good at it.

Hot Stuff

Review of Monsoon Diary.

Hell Of A Party

Where's the Party Yaar is a romp through Indian America.

Dev Anand Unplugged

Part II of Dev Anand's interview on his 80th birthday anniversary.

Hate Crimes Against Indians

South Asians, Arabs and Muslims are the collateral damage of 9/11.

Time To Walk

It's time for the over-hyped Sachin Tendulkar to retire.

The New Janitor

Almost everyone in this country is coming to the uncomfortable recognition that the war with Iraq is as good as lost or at best it is on the verge of a major failure.

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