November 2007

Love'em, Hate'em

Iran and the United States evoke the strongest hostility

Economic Fraud

Russia, Indonesia and Brazil led India in corporate corruption

Asian Millionaires Swell

A booming economy added 20,000 new millionaires in India and almost 200,000 throughout Asia last year.  India now boasts over 100,000 millionaires. Asia-wide there are an

Yoga Hurts

Nearly 13,000 Americans were treated for yoga related injuries in emergency rooms during the past three years.

Putting Nazi to Bed

An Indian home furnishing company has agreed to drop a line of bedspreads titled "The Nazi Collection" after an outcry from Indian Jews.  The collection,

Slap on the Wrist For Slap on the Face

I slapped her because she did not emote.

Punjabi Women Most Obese

A third of women in Delhi and Punjab obese

Tsunami Warning

A $32 million Tsunami warning center established in India

Striking a Match

Two quaint new books are paying tribute to Indian matchbox art.

Tribal Instincts

Tom Cruise's faith discovers an Indian audience

Of Marriageable Age

So you are 30 and single!

A Step Out Of Orbit

He sounded almost gleeful as he announced “Mrs. Ramaswamy, what you have is Parkinson’s.”

Outing An Indian

The renowned British comedian and theater actor Alistair McGowan has outed himself as an Indian in a BBC documentary "Who Do You Think You Are."   Alistair

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Shahid Kapur, star of the box office hit Vivaah, says he is still hurting from his break-up with Bollywood starlet Kareena Kapoor.Kapoor acknowledged that he

Love Him Till He Hurts

A Foster City, Calif., Indian American has been charged with assaulting his 81-year-old father in the head with a hammer to secure his admission to

Fishing for the Real Jindal

Charitably, we hope that Jindal is a dishonest politician -- that his extreme right wing positions are only cynical political ploys.


Lavina Melwani's article "Life and Death in America" is awesome. It brings tears and sadness. My husband and I came to the United States in

Deciphering Brand Spirituality

A copywriter harnasses the forces of spirituality in her craft.

Who's Monkey Now?

The Indian fans' gesture is more than an expression of ignorance.

Can That Damn Accent!

An accent is a part of a person's charm

Made in India, Remade in America

A look at how Indian festivals are being transformed in America.

Strangers in a Strange Land

We wouldn't be lifelong friends, but we both felt an immediate sense of familiarity.

Curren¢y Conundrum: Is the $trong Rupee Good or Bad for India?

It's been the strongest appreciation of the rupee in over 30 years

Hollywood's Plot for Bollywood

American studios test the business opportunities in financing Indian films.

Big Compacts

India is the world's fastest growing car market

The Heart Of Giving

Indian Americans are opening up their checkbooks for philanthropy...

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