November 2008

Fired For An Hour

Jet Airways has hastily rescinded its orders laying off 1,900 probationary crew members to reduce costs. After angry fired employees marched through the airport terminal

Pakistan Taps Expats To Avoid Bankruptcy

Pakistan, seeking to stave off bankruptcy, is pleading for help from its expatriate community. The government, which has also turned to the International Monetary Fund,

93% Of Indian Bank Deposits Fully Safe

Even though India's Deposit and Insurance and Credit Guarantee scheme only protects just Rs 1 lakh ($2,000) in each account (compared to $250,000 that the

What Crisis?

In the grand scheme of things, says Michael Clemens, a scholar at the Center for Global Development, the current economic meltdown is nothing but a

Air India Seeks To Halve Workforce

India's state-owned carrier Air India, facing almost $800 million in loses this year, is seeking to trim its workforce by half.  The company says it

India's Stock Market Clobbered

India's benchmark Sensex tumbled 1,070 points, or 11 per cent, to close at 8,701 on Friday, Oct 24, its third biggest loss ever and its

Wipro, TCS Slip

The financial meltdown and a volatile currency markets has hit some of India's largest outsourcing companies. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., reported profits of $256 million

Two Indias

India demands the equivalent of two Indias to sustain its consumption and waste needs. India's Ecological Footprint - the amount of productive land and sea

India Growth Boosts Western Union

Strong growth in India, the Middle East, and Philippines fueled money transfer agent Western Union's profits, despite declines in its U.S. revenues.  The company's profit

Read All About It

Outsourcing news operations overseas is being pitched as one solution to the crisis in America's newspaper industry.

Cash For Votes

A fifth of India's electorate was paid cash for their votes during the past decade, according to a survey.

Indian MegaCities

Mumbai and Delhi will displace Mexico City and New York as the second and third largest megacities in the world by 2025, according to a

4 Indians Make Forbes' Billionaire List

Four Indians make the 2008 Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans in 2008.Microsoft founder Bill Gates tops the list with $57 billion, followed by

Wanna Debate?

Go surfing with Nelson Mandela or ice skating with the Dalai Lama. Better yet, how about joining Mahatma Gandhi on a barbecue? Denmark's largest newspaper,

Gurkhas Win Right To Stay In UK

Saying that the United Kingdom owed Gurkhas who served in its army a "moral debt of honor," a British judge has made 2,000 Nepalese Gurkhas eligible for British residency.

Hot Yoga

Parents in upstate New York want yoga out of their public schools, protesting that it indoctrinates kids into Hinduism.

Your God v My God

At a McCain rally in Davenport, Arnold Conrad, former pastor of Grave Evangelical Free Church, rallied his God to show his stuff."There are millions of

Quantum Leap

The new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace becomes the first major Hollywood title to open in India ahead of a North American release.  The

Delhi Belly

In advance of the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2010, the Indian government is launching a drive to spruce up the country's gastronomic image.  The Indian

Indian Saint

Pope Benedict XVI canonized four new saints, including a South Indian nun Sister Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception, who died at age 35 in 1946.    

Damn Timing

Amit Chatwani, author of Damn It Feels Good to Be a Banker published in August, has to have the lousiest sense of timing.   

Tata's $50 Million Gift To Cornell

Cornell University has received an endowment of $50 million from The Tata Education and Development Trust divided equally to establish the Tata-Cornell Initiative in Agriculture

Jindal 2012

Lousiana Gov Bobby Jindal is highlighting a high-profile Christian conservative fundraising dinner in Iowa on Nov 22, touching of speculation in political circles, such as

Little Master's Big Record

Sachin Tendulkar has displaced West Indian Brian Lara as the leading run-scorer in test cricket.Tendulkar hit 88 runs on the first day of the second

Booker Prize

Aravind Adiga novel The White Tiger about a man who struggles to escape village poverty by seeking success in a big city has won this

Bride Barred From Contact With Groom

So how do you hold a wedding when the bride is barred from contact with the groom? An Iowa judge has ordered a Rucha A

T-20 & Women

Cricket has some surprising new cheerleaders.

Letters: November 2008

I was disappointed that the article "Durga's Arms," (Sept 2008) by Nilanjana Bhowmick focused only on the business side of the idols of Ma Durga.

India's Software Industry Reboots

The software product segment constitutes under 3 percent of India's $52 billion IT sector. But that may be about to change.

Reinventing For Bad Times

Unbridled capitalism, championed by Wall Street and the Republican Party, has collapsedas decisively as the autocratic socialist Soviet State did 17 years earlier.

Black Friday, Sweet Deals

Folks, the mother of all deals, Black Friday, is just around the corner.

Hollywood's Bollywood Tango

Hollywood heads east to strike Bollywood gold.

The Reliance-Spielberg Blockbuster?

Anil Ambani takes a $500 million gamble with Hollywood's biggest star.

The Enigma Of Brevity

Everything in life is marked or characterized by brevity. Childhood passes, youth is short-lived. Joys don't last; sorrows too fade away.

Foreign Art Comes Calling

"Lately we've seen so many mediocre works drum up immense publicity simply on the strength of the origin of the artist."

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