November 2011

The Promised Land

For a glorious half century, India dominated international field hockey and Sansarpur was its secret weapon. The village of just 4,061 people has nurtured 300 national hockey players and produced more Olympic medalists per capita than any other place in the world.

Mein to Ek Khwab Hoon

Whatever happened to Bollywood’s heartbreak melodies?

The Vanity Deal

Why Indian firms are on a buying spree.

Dinner at the Patels

I could feel them taking inventory of my outfit, my hair, and my non-designer shoes, and inevitably, as soon as whomever I was talking to chalked me up as being a “fresh-off-the-boat,” they simply turned to someone more important.

The Curious Case of Freida Pinto

“In such an insanely competitive market, to carve a niche with such modest talent, is indeed fantastic and I mean it as a compliment.”

Sterilize the Rich

Local elites in many developing societies shared the Western sensibilities and often took draconian measures to limit population growth.

70-Year Visa Wait

A skilled Indian national would need to wait 70 years to receive a green card, according to a US policy research group.

Rajaratnam’s $20,000 a Day Get-Out-of-Jail Card

Hedge Fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam may have received the longest sentence for masterminding the biggest insider trading scandal in U.S. history, but his $45 million in charitable giving helped shave several years off his prison term.

Viagra of the Himalayas

It is popular in the Himalayan regions and China for its aphrodisiac properties and known as the Viagra of the Himalayas.

This Cheer is for Real

Three Indian researchers in Scotland have designed a laser test to distinguish genuine Scotch whisky from counterfeits.

Hare Krishna Hare, Bhare

The court said Krishna’s affinity for milk products particularly weakens a trademark infringement claim in relation to dairy products

No One’s Child

Social activists says villagers who prefer boys gave derogatory names to the girls at birth to express their disappointment.

Heavenly Marriages

According to a study by marriage portal, over 60 percent of profiles posted on its site have identified the people under the manglik and non-manglik astrological categories.

800-lb Baigan ka Bharta Seeks to Make Bharta of Genetically Modified Eggplants

The cook-in was capped by a modest feast of piping hot organic chapatis (bread) and baingan ka bharta for all those present.

Trophy Wife

Dalwara Singh mixed the drugs into the meals of his wife of 17 years, but was caught by his teenage daughter, who tipped off her mother, who called police.

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