October 2005

Indian Majority

Travel to Millbourne, Pa., the only town in America with a majority Indian population. It is a small, generic, unremarkable town, not unlike the thousands

NRIs Head Home

Growing numbers of NRIs are beginning to seek out Real Estate in India.   Beary Group's Syed Mohammed Beary: Practically all builders are aiming at developing

Elegant and Dignified Arguments

The single great gift of Amartya Sen's book The Argumentative Indian is the perfect symbiosis of substance and style.

The Argumentative Indian

Exclusive excerpts from Nobel Prize Winner Amartya Sen's new book tracing the history of India's argumentative tradition and its contemporary relevance.

Asian Cinema Steams Up

Sex is stepping out from under the bedroom sheets in movies all over Asia.   Asian cinema seems to have come out of its hijab, stripping

Shame Of A Nation

Katrina wrenched the lid off a cellar where we have been hiding all the poor people and the whole world saw the misery, the racism

Fatal Incompetence

Real Americans are paying with their lives, and all of us are paying from our wallets, while Pres. Bush and his production team are busy tinkering with the lights for his next disaster scene photo shoots

Letter From the Publisher

The print edition of Little India this month has undergone a major facelift. You noticed, right? We have switched to an all-glossy format from newsprint

Man For All Seasons

He is a musician, a "certified' clown and a ham. But what makes Satish Vyas special is the joie de vivre with which he lives

Have You Tried This?

Mustard In Your Cake, Betel Nut In Your Chocolates

Hooked To The Hukka

Is this a new trend? After work, instead of grabbing a burger or a beer, you get yourself a hukka and a belly dancer! Dilip

All That Jazz!

A jazz player who looks like a Bollywood hero? As New York Times jazz critic Ben Ratliff wrote, "Sachal Vasandani was a total surprise: He

Oh, Brother!

There's another Jon making it in the fashion world - Sanjana, sister of flamboyant designer Anand Jon. At the recent Fashion Week in New York,

The World's Biggest Couch Potato

Suresh Joachim is a man obsessed. Why else would someone watch television non-stop for 69 hours and 48 minutes straight? All ABC shows, without sleeping

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