October 2006

Does It Really Matteram?

Seldom in a nation's history does a single event simultaneously expose the shallow and cynical vote-seeking machinations of the ruling party as well as its

Juggernaut of Festivals

Let The Feasting Begin

Overseas Indian Population 2001

The overseas Indian population, excluding the South Indian subcontinent, in 2001 was estimated at 17 million. Indian Americans constituted the second largest group, outside Mynamar

Kipling's Precious Jewel for Rent

You now have a chance to rent the Vermont home of Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), the Nobel Prize winning British Indian author.Kipling wrote some of his

Dan Nainan, Half Indian, Half Japanese, Fully Funny

1. Your father is Indian and your mother is Japanese. How do you see yourself? A: Being born here I identify most with being American.

Two Of A Kind

Columnist Shekhar Hattangadi finds an uncanny commonality in the recent outbursts of an Australian ex-cricketer and an Indian politician.

Bollywood Goes To School

Bollywood Is Getting Some Respect

Desi Hip Hop

Hip-hop has become as vital to the cultural identity of young Desis as faith and language were to their parents.


I am responding to Allison Hanken's comments on the article of "The Problem of Legal Immigration"(June 2006).You should emphasize the difficulties of obtaining H4 dependant

Desi Dinner Theater In Atlanta

South Asians love spicy food and spicy drama. So what could be more appropriate than combining the two? "When we have big desi events, the

Mohinder Suresh Is Hero

The much-hyped new NBC Monday Night series Heroes launching Sept 25, includes the character of Mohinder Suresh (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy), an Indian geneticist professor

Hansdehar's Malgudi Days

Hansdehar is touting itself as the first knowledge village of Haryana. This village of 1,753 residents has developed a website detailing its residents and photographs

Proposing In Music

Vivek Babtiwale unsuccessfully tried to pitch his "Sit and Shave" product, which allows men to shave while sitting on the toilet, to incredulous hosts on

Hard Core Casual Gamer?

Remember the adage: when the law is against you, argue the facts; when the facts are against you, argue the law and if both the

Top Ten Life Tips From A Tech Wiz

Wisdom about how to live life from the King of Code? Seems hard to believe but Rajesh Setty of Sunnyvale, Calif., is one computer wiz who's seen

Remember Ayurveda?

British and Indian scientists are looking at several Ayurvedic mental boosters for treating Alzheimer's disease. Scientists at Kings College in London and Jadhavpur University in Kolkata

New Bird Species

In what Birdlife International describes as "the most sensational ornithological discovery in India for more than half a century," an Indian astronomer has identified a

City Of Jhumpa

Everyone is reading Jhumpa in Chicago! The city has the One Book, One Chicago program where it encourages all the citizens to read and discuss


Push Cart Vendor Turns Hollywood Star

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