October 2007

Parsing The Sacred

An award-winning book on Ganesa by an Emory University professor has factual inaccuracies in its claims on the Puranas, the ancient Hindu texts.

Mallya buys 50 percent stake in US private jet

Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya is acquiring a 50 percent stake in Epic Aircraft, a U.S.-based manufacturer of private jets.Mallya, who owns India's largest liquor

Forbes' Billionaire List

Amar Bose, founder of Bose Corporation of Google's Kavitark Shriram each with $1.8 billion in personal wealth tied for 271st position on Forbes' annual list

Indian Visas Outsourced

It is perhaps fitting that the country most associated with outsourcing, is outsourcing visa applications of people seeking to visit India.  The Indian Embassy in Washington,

World's Largest Turban?

 Major Singh wearing what is purportedly the biggest turban in the world, weighing in at 68 lbs and 400 meters of cloth. 

Toast This

Vikas Jhingran, a 34-year-old doctoral student at MIT is Toastmaster International's reigning world Champion of Public Speaking.  Jhingran's winning speech, titled "The Swami's Question" center's around

World's Second Largest Civilian Arsenal

Nearly 40 percent of all the world's civilian firearms are owned by U.S. citizens.  According to Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, U.S. citizens oven

Indian Hockey Players Sulk

India's national field hockey team is protesting at being overshadowed by the country's cricketers.  Team coach Joaquim Carvalho says his team was angry at being "treated

India Plans Manned Space Mission

 India is planning an unmanned moon mission next year, followed by a manned space mission by 2015. Madhavan Nair, chairman of the Indian Space Research

Salman Khan's Passion

So what is Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan's favorite midnight passion?Hmm, it isn't what you think. Seems Salman likes to spin around Mumbai in an auto

Fading Ghungroos

Bollywood is drowning out classical dance.

'Indians Are Privately Smart And Publicly Dumb'

In his book Games Indians Play: Why We Are the Way We Are, V. Raghunathan writes about a farmer whose corn won top awards year

Mid-sized Firms Stick To The Middle

For several years now, analysts have been predicting that the Indian information technology industry is set for a period of consolidation. It hasn't happened yet.  Four

Afghanistan's Favored People

It was an interest in elephants that led Shanthini Dawson to Afghanistan, a country of high mountains and rugged terrain where most people don't know

The Unsuitable Girls Grow Up

But are they as subversive as ever?

Life And Death In America

When Yama Comes Calling


I WAS VERY TOUCHED BY YOUR EDITORIAL "Have No Faith" (September 2007) on Mother Theresa. Her tenacity and perseverance in the field she chose to

Turn of the Turds

Scholars have a professional obligation to engage dissenters, just as their critics are obligated to unequivocally deplore threats against those with whom they disagree.

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