October 2011

Flying Sandals and Bollywood Bombs

The sensational media reports based on U.S. diplomatic cables exposed by Wikileaks have glossed over the gross ineptitude and incompetence that they also expose of the U.S. foreign policy establishment.

Guarding Against Bodyguard

Has B-towns latest Box Office Badshah upped the ante for loud, over-the-top, mindless, action-packed masala — and in the process threatened good taste and quality cinema?

Playing with Light

The implications of the faster-than-light neutrinos experiment are both exhilarating and chilling.

Nutty Delights

Nuts contain carbohydrates, vitamins and a wide range of minerals. They are rich in high quality proteins, making them a good vegetarian substitute for meat.

$ 4.5 Million Nano

The Tata Group has unveiled a Rs 22 crore Nano car made with gold and silver, and studded with precious stones.

India’s Luxury Market

Unlocking consumers’ taste for the finer things.

The Changing Indian Business Landscape

Does India have the resources, structures and innovation to meet the challenges of the coming decade?

The Right Information

The Right to Information Act inspires Indian activists.

Delhi Worst for Parking

New Delhi and Bangalore are the worst cities for parking, according to the IBM Parking Index, which ranks the emotional and economic toll of parking in 20 international cities.

Seeing Stars

So, would he go back to his profession? “Of course, that is my bread and butter

Chasing the American Dream

Indian students flock to US for higher education. “An average student putting in 5-6 hours of work can’t get in a top Indian university without a miracle. USA has 4,000 odd universities with at least half of them being top notch.”

Flying Rani

A UK based IT professional has driven a three-wheeled Indian auto rickshaw “Flying Rani” 10,000 kms from London to New Delhi

Amitabh Is On Your Line

A prank by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has unleashed a nightmare for 10 mobile phone numbers in Punjab.

White House Gate Crasher Crushed

Whitehouse gatecrasher Michaele Salahi has dumped her husband Tareq Salahi and run off with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

Here's For You Sir

A Bangladeshi housemaid fed-up with sexual harassment is accused of chopping off her 77-year-old Emirati sponsor’s penis

First Printed Taj

The first printed depiction of the Taj Mahal is expected to be auctioned for nearly $50,000

$22 Ferari

An Indian millionaire dentist was fined $3,300 for using a disabled badge to avoid $22 in daily parking charges for his Ferari.

Population Control Cell

India’s !DEA cell-phone carrier is marketing 3G service as a form of population control.

Kingdom For a Jacket

A tribal leader in the Nicobar Island agreed to sell his land to the Indian government in exchange for Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s jacket.

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