October 2013

An Enstranged Love

You don’t usually fall in love when you are seething with rage or feeling cheated around every corner.

The Tea Tribes of Assam

The tribals have assimilated with the existing culture and traditions of the Brahmaputra valley, creating many new traditions, cultures, handicrafts, dance forms and a new way of living.

The Smut Rut

Today with Grand Masti rocking the audiences in multiplexes in fashionable, hi-ticket sections of metro cities, sex comedies of this regressive, libidinous, racy, bawdy kind — surprisingly green lighted by the censors — have gone legit and been accepted as another fun form of mass entertainment.

The Wrong Road

The raging controversy over India’s Oscar entry.

The Redbus Acquisition: A Boost For India's Startup Economy

I hope [the deal] spurs many more entrepreneurs to start companies with unique and differentiated models that solve real problems of real India.

Can Raghuram Rajan Reverse the Indian Economy’s Decline

People look at India as a large and diverse place with enormous potential. And it is. But it’s one thing to be the most populous economy and another to realize that potential.

Inmates Take The Asylum

The political dysfunction in Italy, India and other parliamentary democracies pales in comparison to the gridlock in Washington during the past decade and the dead end where it arrived this October. The inmates have indeed taken over the asylum.

Go Figure October 2013

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Deadline November 15, 2013   Enter Go Figure Contest   The winner of the August mystery is Parveen Afridi

ISpy October 2013

Send photo and win $30

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