September 2006

Are Pakistanis Really Cheats?

In an incident that could make a great case-study for any law school syllabus, Pakistan forfeited a Test match against England after it was accused

Walking On A Tightrope

Imagine this: you are blind and deaf, and suspended on a high wire. Below is a surging, tumultuous ocean of hurtling cars, rushing people, a

My Indian Attachment

They came, they saw and they were conquered........

Vasundhara Das

I Must Be Doing Something Right!

Kumartuli, Potters Town

Photos By Manish Sinha

Indian Language Programs At US Universities

Fewer than 3000 students are enrolled in Indian language course offerings at U.S. colleges and universities.A survey on foreign language enrollments at U.S. colleges in

Free Debate In An Age Of Fear

Two thirds of Americans now disapprove of the war in Iraq and a solid majority believe that President Bush is neither honest nor trustworthy, according

Letters To Editor - Sep 2006

Achal Mehra's Editiorial "Say a Prayer for Parvati" (August 2006) really hit home for me, literally. Sitting here in the United States, it is all

Rickshaw Blog

If you've been enchanted by the "poetry, phrases, expressions" on the back of rickshaws on the Indian subcontinent,  treat yourself to the Rickshaw Blog (,


So you want a prayer, but can't travel to Madurai? No sweat, the Meenakshi temple, one of the holiest Hindu shrines, can come to you, thanks

On The Run Blogger

A millionaire property moghul's daughter who jumped jail and reveled in her freedom on the popular blog is back behind bars. Farah Damji, a

Your Honor's Phunnee

A Mumbai lawyer is petitioning the state high court for relief against the "incomprehensible" English skills of a local magistrate, which he complains, undermines "the

India World's 12th Largest Economy

India now ranks as the world's 12th largest economy., according to the World Bank's tabulation of 2005 gross domestic product.  1.  UNITED STATES  $12.46 trillion  2.  JAPAN  $4.51 trillion  3.  GERMANY  $ 2.78 trillion  4.  CHINA  $

Bells On Their Feet

It was something Sheena and Kristen Dauro started when they were just six and seven. Now nine years later, they were ready for their arangetram,

Mahesh Manjrekar's Crusade

You all know Mahesh Manjrekar as the director of such critically acclaimed films as Vaastav, Astitva and Viruddh, but the Bombay-born filmmaker wears many hats.

Never Say Goodbye Hello, Big Bucks

Well, the waiting is over. Karan Johar's much anticipated Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Never Say Goodbye) has finally hit the big screens. KANK, as it

Bullying Mother In Laws, Beware

A British court has ordered Dalbir Kaur Bhakar to pay $65,000 to her former daughter-in-law, Gina Satvir Singh, for physical and mental abuse. Singh, who married

The Interpreter Of Fashion

Growing up in California, Rachel Roy, the daughter of an Indian father and Dutch mother, often rummaged through boxes of colorful sarees to create something

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