September 2007

Raj Patel is Archie's new neighbor in Riverdale.

Patel debuts in "Out-Raj-Ous Behavior" and in a subsequent comic Raj and Archie travel to India. Raj's  father, no surprise, is a physician. 

Kerala School 250 Years Ahead of Isaac Newton

The claim of two Malayali British educators that South Indian scholars predated Isaac Newton's "infinite series" by 250 years is facing a challenge from an

Shedding The Raj

Sixty years after independence, India is seeking to shed vestiges of its colonial past from its aviation industry.The prefix for the tail number on Indian

Who's Sari Now?

A Chennai store is marketing a denim sari for Indian women. The summer sure sounds like a good time.  The Sri Kumaran Stores offers a range

Tribes Offer Membership to Immigrants

Two unrecognized American Indian tribes are hawking memberships to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants as a means to legalize their status. Immigration authorities denounce the

Indian Double Agent in Jackson Heights?

Rabinder Singh, former joint secretary in India's intelligence agency, RAW, who fled India in 2004 with his wife Parminder Kaur after he fell under suspicion

Bigotry on the Bayou?

Two months ahead of the primary elections, The Louisiana Democratic Party has sprung a hard-hitting TV ad accusing Republican GOP gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal of

Non-Expiring Green Card Expiring

Nearly one million permanent residents will be required to replace their green cards under a proposal from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.   Legal permanent

Marathon Prodigy's Coach Charged

The coach of Budhia Singh, a 5-year-old marathon prodigy, has been charged with child abuse after his mother claimed he had scalded the child with

Her Lotto Fix

An Indian store clerk at a 7-Eleven store in California has been charged with cheating a man out of a half-million-dollar winning lottery ticket.  The man

Brown Clouds Melting Himalayan Glaciers

University of California, San Diego, researchers say pollution-filled "brown" clouds over South Asia are responsible for global heating that is responsible for the retreat of

Outsourcing Fun in the Funny Pages

Outsourcing is increasingly becoming fodder for cartoon strips, such as Cory Thomas's "Watch Your Head" by Cory Thomas and "Mother Goose and Grim" by Mike

Indian Call Center In Ohio

Tata Consultancy Services has established call centers in Reno, Ohio, and Milton, Fla., part of a trend of insourcing among Indian outsourcing companies to move

Victory for Generics

In a victory hailed by aid organizations of the "rights of patients over patents," Indian drug companies got a freer reign to manufacture and market

Tata Eyeing Ford's Jaguar, Land Rover?

India's increasingly assertive Tata Group is reportedly eyeing an acquisition of Ford's Jaguar and Land Rover units. The rumors, long rife in the media, were

Intel Apologises For Racist ad

An Intel ad for a new generation of microprocessors depicting six black sprinters crouching before a white man has been dropped after it was widely

Nokia's Global Export Hub

India, the second-largest market for Nokia's handsets, will become its global hub for exports. Its Chennai plant, which currently exports to 58 countries, will become

UP Shuts Down Reliance Retail

The state of Uttar Pradesh, India's largest, has shut down the stores of two leading Indian retail companies after violent demonstration by smaller traders complaining

The Mating Game

THE MATING GAME: From marriage fairs to the Internet to speed dating to work place romances, the search is on for the ideal life partner.

Power Plays

Business Implications of the Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal

NRIs Turbo Charge Indian Businesses

At home and abroad, what value do non-resident Indians bring to multinational corporations?In 1980, Vivek Paul left India to obtain his MBA in the U.S.

Party In The Basement

Ten Years Later, Basement Bhangra Is Still Going Strong. A Closer Look At The Party That Launched A Movement.

Arranged Marriage College

It's back to school time kids! Many high school students and their parents are probably gearing up for the college admissions marathon. As the now-discredited

A Touch of Spice

Are chili peppers taking over the world?

Kailash Kher: "Kailasa Jhoomo Re"

A.R Rahman says his voice carries with it the fragrance of India's soil. The reclusive actor Amir Khan considers it to be the most complete

M.I.A. America

A new recording artist who finds success can expect many perks, including financial rewards. But perhaps the most exciting side benefit is the explosion of

Mother Teresa's Painful Struggle

A startling new book discloses that Mother Teresa, the perennially cheerful face of Catholics worldwide, who is on the verge of being elevated by the

Who's Chicken, Mr. Sen?

A candid and hard-hitting open letter from a senior journalist to India's current Ambassador in Washington D.C. exposes the hypocrisy of our desi babudom.

Elevating the Sacred

The university is not an ashram; it is a location of critical and appreciative study of many religions: their texts, histories, practices, art, and politics.


HAVING BEEN EXPOSED TO WHITE people for a long time, I have come to appreciate my Indian complexion more and more. Your article "Beneath the

Have No Faith

A new book on Mother Teresa, the global icon of faith and service to God, reveals that she was privately tormented for decades, perhaps until

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